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  1. I see you guys were able to upgrade to High Sierra, BUT did anyone use the guide with High Sierra from the beginning? I need to make a clean installation and finding an older version of Sierra is a bother :p
  2. Hey guys, I've got another silly problem! I tried to update few things with files Rehabman-battery-2017-0428 and Intelbacklight-2017-0226. Now my Google Chrome acts weird, the image on screen gets distorted. If I use other browsers, it is fine(so far, i think). And turning off accelerator in Chrome helped to minimize the effects, before half of the screen was unseen. The "flickering" affects everything I can see on screen, until Chrome is hidden or closed(when accelerator was turned on, only restarting the computer and not touching Chrome "fixed" the problem"). Does anyone know, why it happens? I deleted my updates done by installed files, but it had no effect whatsoever. I also reuploaded EFI, just in case it would do anything, and nothing changed :\ I also have another version of OS X on ideapad(same Sierra, as in previous case), and it stopped working after trying to update Sierra through App Store, freezes on loading screen(I know it was dumb idea). Is there a way to roll back changes? maybe there is a way to access Time Machine via terminal before loading any OS X? Thanks, hope to find a solution, that will not involve reinstalling. I'm so tired of fixing my notebook that I feel like going gray xD
  3. Hey again, good news! Using this guide, I finally made it work! I somewhat understand why other methods(some were similar) did not work for me. Everything was there(after using previous methods, probably), but not visible in the boot menu, even with forced boot, using the "hidden" button, near the notebook cable. I thought that I couldn't make a change in the EFI, while dropping files on it. EasyUEFI program turned everything around. Some minor things are still there(maybe missed something): at first, the boot of Mac OS X was slow(first boot without USB I had to shut down with power button, because it didn't load), windows loads fine. After few times the boot time until log in window got better. I need to hit CapsLock twice for it to work. Is it the same on a real Macintosh? right click on the trackpad can give glitching menu, depends on how I press the button. if power/battery info is not shown("no battery connected"), restart can fix. waking up Mac OS X from sleep doesn't wake the screen. Not sure if the notebook actually wakes up, the keyboard shows notebook is turned on, though. Need to restart through power button. cannot use Sleep Mode at all because of that. Gotta try to fix sleep mode problems later, using the info in guide, but I think the mentioned steps were already in the main installation process and will not do the trick. In general, I am more than satisfied, just need to buy WI-fi card to feel like my hackintosh is complete(my current card is Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230). Also, I hope that one day I will be able to put my video card back, I feel it is a waste, lying still, far away from its home. Thank you very much for all the help! If my family's notebooks were strong enough, I would probably try to hackintosh them too P.S. what do you guys know, that you can figure out how to fix something like this and make up your own utilities for a special need? I study programming, so I wonder, if there is something I can learn to understand everything better and maybe one day even contribute to the site or something. Systems' programming or ..? Thank you! keep it up
  4. Yeah, I know. I stumbled upon ways to fix it in the Mac OS X and got a lot of helpful advice in another thread, but couldn't make anything work regarding this issue(now I get why, I did some steps wrong). Using this guide for Windows I fixed everything. Thanks anyway, the link can come handy someday.
  5. Thanks a lot for the guide! After messing with dual installation, I couldn't load MAC OS X without USB. Your guide helped, only had to download EasyUEFI and copy Clover folder from my USB.
  6. I have EFI partion that I made and formatted as FAT32, "X", but I think it is not used by Windows. I tried to put Clover folder on it anyway, shows nothing on boot. I have ton of partitions already, but I cannot access any hidden ones. I can see them on Disk Management, but I cannot add any new content on them, only format. Probably, I just cannot explain properly what I did and what I have now I guess I should stick to using USB for now and maybe try to make a fresh install, once I will have time and patience for it.
  7. That's ok. My only problem, I can get to OS X only by using the flash drive. My EFI part is used by Windows and, as I understand, is not connected to OS X. I would like to be able to use Sierra without the need of USB and maybe have a choice window, which OS I would like to work with, when I turn the laptop on. Thanks for kind words, I'm trying to not give up
  8. hey again, just wondering, if there is any solution to my problem, fixing the efi part? or maybe i should reinstall everything(i just afraid it will get only worse if i try)...
  9. no-no, sorry, i didn't mean it is your command. i just messed up again, trying things. I half the time understand what I'm doing haha. i know i sohuld've not done hackintosh with my lack of knowledge, but i need it for studying, so i keep hitting that wall(with semi-success). partitions 1 and 2 are mac partitions, i tried to figure out something regarding getting working efi(in another thread and another forum) so i ended up having 2 sierras. 4, 5 and 6 are windows partitions. 7 is EFI, i believe. the 3d point in "problems" with black screen after sleep, figured that out by now. also, is there something i could read to understand better cmd/terminal? i mean not just tutorials, but something serious, like CS literature/lecture on youtube, I want to actually understand these, I am not sure what topic should i look for. i remember a friend programmer changed my password on windows in few moments, when i made a password that couldn't get accepted 2nd time because of wrong language used(or something), i'd love to know my way around such stuff, and just generally not to mess things up every time i try something(or mess up a bit less haha). thanks a lot for your help, you are really patient
  10. ugh, so sorry, now another question. While trying to do the 3d part of your question, I broke my windows(probably efi) and tried to install OS X. So, now I have OS X and Windows, but because Windows demanded EFI, I had to clean all EFIs for Windows to install. End Result: Windows boots without problem, OS X boots only from USB (everything I thought of checking works except Wifi, because of the card, but I have Ethernet so it's ok for now). I had problem with viewing videos on iTunes, but after installing kext for sound, video works. So now I have two questions: 1. if I keep booting OS X from USB, will it be okay? how fast can USB break or something? Is it okay to leave it this way if I won't find a way to boot without USB? 2. I made EFI part(fat32) with Windows Disk Management, but I cannot mount it in OS X. I get message "Unexpected disk identifier". 3. also, after sleep sleep mode i have black screen. even though i turned off sleep mode, computer still manages to go into "sleep mode", the screen turns off without action, when i try to turn it back, my keyboard is on(since it has red lights, i am sure haha), but screen is still black. i end up turning off the pc with the button :\ 4.when i right click something to view info or use options, the "right click menu" glitches. though i am still figuring out keyboard differences, maybe i press something wrong. well, at least it works
  11. Hello, I'm back again! could restore some stuff from pc, but some is unreadable due to uncommon file extensions... so it is not all that bad. Anyway, I have bootable USB with Sierra, EFI of ~600Mb, and read only disk where I want to install OS X. I followed this video to make USB: I get to installation screen and when I need to pick drive where to install Sierra, my drive is not seen. I try to format it via Disk Utility, but it fails. But after trying to format the drive, drive is seen in options(without size info), but cannot be picked. so, i make another USB, with newer files from downloads and links in your tutorial. I get same thing, but now drive is not seen even after trying to format it. based on viewing info, the drive is "read only". I tried to format it via terminal, but i get message "you cannot format bootable drive", but it definitely the drive that is formated as NTFS, empty drive, expected to be ready to use. I am not sure what bootable means in this case. I formated drive with windows disk management. I tried with EAUS P_artion Master, but I cannot format this drive, gives me error(though i could format smaller partions left after my previous fail, when i somehow got like 20 partions of i don't know what). The drive itself is 600+Gb, maybe there is a size limit or something? I checked, since read in another topic why drive may be not visible, I do have HFSPlus.efi in EFI/Clover/driver64efi. Probably it was asked before, but cannot find via topic search and too tired to read 60 pages right now.. plus I see that some file configurations change a bit with upgrading, so even if it was mentioned before somewhere, the option may be useless now. Hope, there is an easy way out of it, because I even managed to take out ultrabay with nvidia gpu(it was stuck, I had to use stuff to rip it out lol). I sort of turned of another gpu in windows with device manager, but not sure it actually turns it off. Thanks for all your help, guys EDIT: forgot to mention, when I mount EFI and need to put in the EFI folder(like in the end of video), once i had only 2 files originally in mounted EFI, other times I had 4 files, but no original EFI folder to merge with.
  12. I didn't install Windows myself, it was already there and already updated to Windows 10. I had more than 3 partions that were for Recovery(picture attached). And this is what I saw in cmd: I deleted 4, 5 and 6 volume, which resulted in deletion of volume 0 C disk. I had a lot of stuff on my C, and some info would be nice to recover. I am also worried I cannot install windows because I didn't save a key. I think maybe while deleting partions I had to "list vol" after each, maybe partions got renamed/rearranged in the process, because I definitely wasn;t deleting volume 0. Is there a way to undo it maybe?
  13. Hello, I need help or at least some clarification. i was doing "3. Increasing EFI Partition Size" of the guide, and while doing 13-18 points, i probably deleted the partion with windows, because on 22(list vol) i saw that the new EFI is a C disk now, and no disks have volume of my original windows C. as i understand, now the space that was used by windows is empty and all iformation is erased? in cmd i see my usb, and i have 2 partions, with 25 gb(it is a SSD part of disk, i have 1tb that is part HDD, part SDD), it was used for virtualiation of android. And another part is X that is 500mb and no sign of anyting of size of my main drive. when i look up partions of my main disk in cmd, i do not see the partion where windows was. as someone suggested "winodows 8.1 and later encrypt the drives by default if you use a microsoft account", but when i try to recover windows, it doesnt ask me for password. when windows tries to repair, it only attempts and goes back to window with options to troubleshoot, use usb etc. and no option works. and i do not have repair disk. only usb with installation that was needed in the guide to make EFI bigger. I hope someone can tell me, if my information is gone or not? i also made raw partion with 800gb(about the size of partion i lost), though maybe i shouldn't have. please, help T-T