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  1. When I last posted, I was having trouble getting my USB 3.0 external drive recognized. After spending time away from this topic (adopted new pets that stole my attention) I sat down this afternoon to do some troubleshooting. I tried connecting a variety of Seagate USB 3.0 drives from my collection to the cable - and none of them were recognized. I then tried moving the cable from the current jack to another 3.0 jack. This time - it worked. Looking at the MB manual - it appears I originally had the cable in a 2.0/3.0 jack - which is the 2nd USB port below the ethernet jack. It's a bit confusing - since the manual shows there is a LAN1 and a LAN2 port, yet my MB only has a single Gig ethernet port. Now I can finally get a recent timemachine backup. *** With that issue behind me - I did run into a new one. I'm not sure I ever tried iBooks prior to today since I installed Sierra (using the original guide) and if I attempt to open a book via IBooks, it APPEARS to launch the book OK - in that the cover is briefly displayed - but then when the book is supposed to open and display your current page - that window is transparent and shows what is beneath it. There are no controls visible whatsoever for closing the book - but the ones in the menu work fine - which once again, shows the "All Books" view. I have tried many of the books in my collection - and all display the same way - so it's definitely something wrong with the application, and not the data files. I've even added a new book - and attempting to open it - results in the usual transparent window effect. Has anyone else ran into this? If not - then hopefully this will be fixed when I re-install Sierra. The NVidia driver manager tells me I am using the latest version.
  2. I believe I had only copied it to the EFI partition - but I did see there was a copy in S/L/E - but the file size was different than the one in EFI partition. So - I simply copied it from the EFI partition and overwrote the version in S/L/E I then rebooted. After bootup - my timemachine driver was recognized and all was well for 5 minutes. Then an error dialogue popped up - and warned that the USB kext I had copied, was installed incorrectly. SO... I fired up kext utility - and allowed it to finish processing things - and then dragged the USB kext over to it - and had it install it properly. I then rebooted - and now the system again does NOT see the USB drive. As for the port limit patch - I'm pretty sure I am not using it.
  3. Well, Before I do a re-install following this guide, the last time I installed Sierra, I must have did something wrong - since my USB3 drives are no longer recognize, which means I can't back anything up (!) In my EFI partition - I do have: EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.12/USBInjectAll.kext I have NOT used ioregistryexplorer to reduce my USB ports - since that is supposed to be done after I figure out which ones are working - correct? Note - the above link to ioregistryexplorer takes you to a page w/out a download link. I did find version 3.0.2 via mac.softpedia.com USB Flash drives, mice, keyboards and other USB2 devices seem to work fine - the USB3 drives do not work - either plugged into my USB3 hub or directly into the box.
  4. I'd be happy to test it - I'm going to re-do my system using a fusion drive now that I have a basic system up and running. I was planning on running through this current guide again with the posts from cyberdevs to skirt the potholes I encountered. I'd also be a good test candidate, since I'm not so overly experienced that I'd unconsciously correct minor errors w/out noticing. Trust me, if someone leaves a manhole cover open in a guide, I'll fall down it :-)
  5. I'm now pretty much up and running with Sierra - BUT - I can't login to Messages. It ran just fine under El Cap - is there something special to get it to work under Sierra? It doesn't give me an error at the App signin window - it just greys it out briefly when I click "Sign In" - and then ungreys it.
  6. First off, I'm currently running El Cap on a 2nd hard drive thanks to that very guide and your answering my newbie questions in that topic last summer - just like you are now :-) I did copy the DSDT.aml file over to EFI directory under "patched" and rebooted - and sadly, no change - no USB drive. Now - these steps: "Under Kernel and Kext Patches: Name: AppleUSBXHCIPCI Find*[HEX]: 83bd74ff ffff10 Replace*[HEX]: 83bd74ff ffff1b Comment: change 15 port limit to 26 in XHCI kext (100-series) MatchOS: 10.12.x" Are greek to me... I can creat the child "AppleUSBXHCIPCI" under Kernel and Kext patches via PlistEdit Pro, but I'm drawing a blank on the find and replace business... *UPDATE* I had walked away from the computer for about an hour and when I returned, my Time Machine drive was mounted. So - it seems the DSDT file did it...
  7. Well, I already followed the instructions in post #35 and ran the script. It said basically there was nothing to patch - but asked if it should proceed anyhow - so I had it do so. I rebooted and... I'm actually running with Nvidia support - I'm quite surprised. Now - next problem, got all excited since graphics was finally working and I was ready to restore from my latest El Cap time machine backup - and I just discovered it can't see the USB3 drive... It's plugged directly into the back of the box like when it was running El Cap
  8. OK - I mounted both EFI partitions and copied the contents of the USB Flash drive's EFI folder to the boot disk's. I modified config.plist to re-enable Nvidia drivers in the Boot section. "NvidiaWeb" was already set to "YES" in the System Parameters section. I boot up - and get the blank screen. "to avoid booting to black screen you can either follow the instructions here or use "Lilu.kext" and "nvidiaGraphicsFixUp.kext" you have to copy those kexts inside the following path: EFI/Clover/kexts/10.12 or EFI/Clover/kexts/other on you bootable disk." By "here" were you inferring to the instructions in this guide - or your post (#82) or the instructions in post #35? ​I'm going to try the instructions in post #35 and see if that helps...
  9. All has been going like clockwork until I got to step 6 as quoted above. In my case, after installing off of the USB Flash drive and rebooting, Clover's selections were (from memory) Boot From Install Mac OS Sierra on USB, Boot from Install Mac OS Sierra on <name of drive here> The first option was obviously the step I had just finished - so I selected the second. MacOS fired up and said something about 17 minutes of installation remaining. After that was done and it rebooted again - THEN clover on the USB flash drive allowed me to do perform this: "from the clover screen select boot macOS from "<Insert Drive Name Here>"" I then successfully installed Clover on the boot drive and installed all of the kexts. Everything then went well - until I installed the web driver for my Nvida card. In this step - I'm not clear on which config.plist is being referred to: "With that change made and saved you now need to modify your config.plist with your chosen editor. In the BOOT section under Arguments you will see -v and nv_disable=1 you need to remove nv_disable=1 and up to you if you wish to leave the -v (Verbose Boot)." Is this the /Drive Name Here/EFI/ Clover/config.plist ? As an experiment - I modified my boot options from the Clover boot menu - and enabled support for my Nvidia card. This brought about the infamous "blank screen". I know I'm missing something simple here to fix this - but it's been since last summer that I've done this last (installed el cap)
  10. Just to be clear - are we supposed to de-select everything under "Drivers64UEFI" EXCEPT the two listed? My install had every option selected under that category by default, so I'm de-selecting everything except the two listed... (Trying to follow this guide exactly - since I'd like to get Sierra running on my box)
  11. strifecrafter

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    Which guide is this? I'm currently running El Cap on my Gaming 5, and I'm looking to do a clean install upgrade to Sierra. Hopefully, before the next release comes out ;-)
  12. strifecrafter

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    *Sigh* Turns out - the drive was plugged into a USB3 hub. I plugged the drive directly into the box, and all was well. All 'was' well - since then I decided to apply the latest upgrade to El Cap - which required updated nvidia drivers (luckily - they were available) and now I'm re-fixing my blank screen on boot up. Luckily, Apple doesn't issue patches too frequently. I assume my AppleGraphicsControl.kext got overwritten by either the OS X patch or the nvidia web driver upgrade, luckily, the changes were simple last time.
  13. strifecrafter

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    My device section looks pretty much identical to yours. See screen config config_plist.png If it would make things easier, I'm attaching my current clover config.plist config.plist.zip
  14. strifecrafter

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    OK, I copied over the kexts from Archive.zip - and rebooted and clover offered up my USB drive as a boot choice now. I loaded my clover config.plist and verified that my settings are now identical to both of your screen shots EXCEPT: I have 'Patch APIC' checked. Unfortunately, while Clover can see my USB drive, once I boot up - OS X can not see it...
  15. strifecrafter

    El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    Ok, I have audio working now - and the next hurdle is getting my external USB3 drives to be recognized, so I can transfer files from my iMac. This LOOKS like what I need to follow: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306777-guide-usb-fix-el-capitan-1011/ However, I can't figure out what editor/viewer is being used. To get my nvidia graphics working, I manually made some minor tweaks to a .plist file with a text editor, but I'd like to follow along this guide using the proper tools. Unfortunately, this guide assumes you already know what the tool(s) referenced are...