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  1. I actually installed the entire Bootcamp kit from the official Leopard disk onto Windows Vista x64 on my Dell Vostro 1500 to solve this issue. I was pleased that it actually worked. The problem with this method however is that it installs all the drivers and whatnot that I don't need for my system...so, I ended up reinstalling my chipset drivers, video drivers, etc. The time correction still works OK though. The reason I did this instead of changing my time zone in OSX is because of Entourage. Offsetting the timezone screws up my appointment times and whatnot (using an Exchange), so I found it's better for me to correct the Windows time intead. Hope this helps a bit.
  2. Demonoid Back Online!

    awesome! I just checked a couple days ago out of curiosity, and was again disappointed that it wasn't back online yet...but this is good news! woohoo!
  3. Anyone using VMware Fusion?

    it works great. I had Vista x64 and OSX dual booting, and tried out VMware Fusion on OSX. It recognized my Windows partition and let me boot into the OS. It works really well, but x64 driver support in VMware Fusion is lacking (probably due to the lack of Apple support), so I ended up not using it much. I was running Kalyway 10.5.2 while using it.
  4. 15.4 inch laptop: 1440x990 Vs 1680x1050

    Images are very clear on the 1440x900. Seeing a MacBook Pro is actually what made me feel confident about getting this res
  5. 15.4 inch laptop: 1440x990 Vs 1680x1050

    I just want to add, if you're eyes are sensitive you may want to go with the 1440x900. When I first got my old laptop (Inspiron 6000, 15.4"), I ordered it with the 1680x1050 screen. When I got it, I tried it for a couple days, but my eyes just couldn't take it. Especially going between my laptop screen and my monitor...things on the laptop screen were just too small to see without strain (i don't like the way a higher DPI setting looks, so I didn't want to use that as an option). Dell sent me a new laptop, but at the time, the 1440x900 wasn't available, so I got stuck going all the way down to 1280x800. My new laptop (Vostro 1500, 15.4") has a 1440x900 screen though, and I really think it's perfect. Plenty of desktop space + things aren't too small. My recommendation is that if you go with a 15.4" laptop, go for the 1440x900, but if you decide to go for the 17", get the 1680x1050. Hope that helps a bit.
  6. Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    marcone-xiii, the method you listed above works great! Thanks
  7. Dell BIOS Hacking...Please Help!

    I just tested this. My girlfriend just got a I6400 with the x1400 card and let me give it a shot. Assuming it would work, I didn't do any research for swapping it into my I6000. Like was already said on this thread, it seems to boot, but there's no video output. Just for {censored} and giggles, I tried my X300 in the I6400 and the thing doesn't even POST. I really wish I could upgrade to the better card as it would save me about $1000 in not having to get a new laptop sometime in the next year... any new info on this? The suggestions of trying the I6400 BIOS on the I6000 are a bad idea in my opinion, but there's gotta be a way of getting this thing to work.
  8. I just swapped over to this card from the Intel 2200BG on my Inspiron 6000. OSX recognized it immediately when I booted up. I'm running JaS' 10.4.7 w/ the wireless option during OSX install checked. give 10.4.7 a shot
  9. Installing 10.4.3 Native on ULi M1689 Chipset

    probably not going to like what I have to say... I canned my OSX install on my desktop after about an hour or so. Right now I'm in the process of looking for a new mobo...I want an nForce 4 board, but I don't have the money to spend on a new video card right now
  10. I've had pretty good luck with my Dell Inspiron 6000..especially since Callisto.
  11. How Much of a Geek are You?

    i got a 64...low ranked computer geek, lol.
  12. zek: np. belgrano: Is it possible to change the default OS for Darwin? As of late I have only been using the Darwin boot loader between Windows and OSX, which is fine except that I would prefer it defaulted to Windows instead of OSX.