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    xtddd reacted to Filmluver in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    Folks, the new M1 Macs are the real deal. I bought the cheapest M1 Mac Mini to test, and it plays back 4K timelines in FCP like butter and better than my i9 Hackintosh with Radeon VII that I built with this guide. I'm awestruck, it's a little beast and an engineering masterpiece. I'm going to dismantle my Hackintosh and sell it for parts. I want to thank everyone here that helped me along the Hackintosh journey, but it's time to go back to real Macs. Apple did it.
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    xtddd reacted to PG7 in OpenCore Discussion   
    tesa with a FakeID of this "0x73001002 0x730F1002" in BigSur Beta 11.1
    these IDs are already in the AMD9000Controlleur.kext of Beta 11.1
    also has id 0x73101002 0x73121002 0x73181002 0x73191002 0x731A1002 0x731B1002 0x731F1002 0x73401002 0x73411002 0x73471002 0x73471002 0x734711002 0x73601002
    in AMDRadeonX6000Framebuffer.kext which means that working FakeID should normally take
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    xtddd reacted to bisdak4920 in [Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.1   
    For those who have problems downloading the latest beta use this link. It works for me and averaging 1.5mbps. http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/28/33/001-83606-A_VNU4WZ8Q6O/vupekyt2yqcwguho5q4zmxns1zw9qivaui/InstallAssistant.pkg
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    xtddd reacted to matxpa in [Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.1   
    New Beta : macOS Big Sur Beta 11.1 (20C5048l)  - 001-83606 - Added 2020-11-20 18:12:29 - 12.19 GB
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    xtddd reacted to WizeMan in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    If you have a Z390 Aorus Pro You can use @AudioGod's EFI almost as-is. The only change you need to do is to copy your Platform Info (Serial Number, MLB, ROM, UUID) to OC's config.plist.
    Also be sure to verify if your CFG Lock is disabled or not, because this requires a change in config.plist as well. Everything is well documented by the dawg @AudioGod.
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    xtddd reacted to Sherlocks in [Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.1   
    UI lag fixed in 11.1 beta1.
    thanks apple
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    xtddd reacted to gino8080 in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    Hello @AudioGod and pals!

    I'm Still on BIOS F10 and Catalina  

    do you think I can use your OC EFI zip and try a Big Sur update?

    Can I just copy EFI on an usb and try to boot my actual Catalina? and if all is working, I can try a Big Sur update?

    Or Is arrived the moment I have to update bios??  
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    xtddd reacted to XanthraX in [Release] macOS Big Sur 11.0.1   
    Updated from Catalina on the i3 based Hackintosh. OC 063. Everything went smooth, but it took about 1.5 hours.
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    xtddd reacted to chris1111 in Clover General discussion   
    Latest Clover work good on Final release BS  Thanks to all Devs and tester

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    xtddd reacted to eSaF in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    All done Sir B.
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    xtddd reacted to AudioGod in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    Big Sur is now live to Download via the App Store. 

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    xtddd reacted to Slice in CFGLock - unlock (MSR 0xE2)   
    I have tested.
    My computer #1 in the signature has CFGLock option in BIOS. So I did the follow:
    1. Reboot and enter BIOS. Set CFGLock to enable. Boot to Clover.
    2. Call Shell.efi from Clover. Then call CFGLock.efi
    3. Reboot and enter BIOS.
    Yes now I see CFGLock is disabled again!
    Thanks, Brumbaer, it works!
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    xtddd reacted to Brumbaer in CFGLock - unlock (MSR 0xE2)   
    I do not know why the Asus option doesn't work. Depending on the reason CFGLock.efi might work.
    You can start CFGLock.efi from the Clover EFI shell of a Clover installation, just try it out.
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    xtddd reacted to miliuco in [GUIDE] macOS Big Sur beta on board Z390 Aorus Elite   
    Thank you @eSaF I haven't noticed this. You're right.
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    xtddd reacted to AudioGod in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    OpenCore 0.6.3 EFI Major Update (Big Sur Ready), 2nd November 2020 
    (Use With Bios Revision F12K or Newer)
    The EFIs and DSDTs have now been updated to the my latest versions.
    Changes made include,
    AppleALC 1.5.4,
    Lilu 1.4.9,
    WhateverGreen 1.4.4,
    VirtualSMC 1.1.8,
    AirportBrcmFixup 2.1.1,
    IntelMausi 1.0.4,
    OpenCore Updated to Revision 0.6.3 (Big Sur Ready),
    OpenCanopy is Enabled as Standard,
    SSDT-Plug and SSDT-PMC Have been freshly pulled and rewritten using bios F12K,
    SSDT-EC-USBX.aml has now been added to the ACPI,
    USBPort.kext has been rewritten manually and is now named USBMap.kext and the power tables are now being done via SSDT-EC-USBX instead of directly inside the USB.kext,
    Plus other major tweaks and changes to all of the configs
    PLEASE NOTE - It's now possible to go past the 15port limit safely without freaking out your system.
    all you got to do to enable it is go into the plist and goto Kernel - Quirks and set XhciPortLimit to Yes. Once you do that and restart all USB ports will be active fully including usb 2 on usb 3 and type c etc.
    Note - If you don't need it on then don't use it but at the same time if you wanna test it out then go for it and let me know if you get any strange behaviour.
    OpenCore EFI Update v0.6.3 - 02/11/2020
    OC 063 Z390 Pro 19,1 EFI 021120.zip - OpenCore v0.6.3, SMBios iMac19,1
    OC 063 Z390 Pro 1,1 EFI 021120.zip - OpenCore v0.6.3, SMBios iMacPro1,1 (IGPU Disabled)

    Note - If your not using a 5700 XT or any other Navi GPU then remove agdpmod=pikera from the boot arguments.
    Note 2 - Do not try to carry across your old OpenCore Config.plist to the new EFI as to many changes have occurred in 0.6.0. Use the new Config.plist instead.
    For OpenCore Using PlistEdit Pro add your details by modifying the following 

    PLEASE NOTE - These EFIs are setup to be used with your msr Unlocked so make sure you use the correct bios settings listed below or use the F12K Unlocked Profile I have provided.
    Additional Downloads
    mb_bios_z390-aorus-pro_f12k.zip - Aorus Z390 Pro Bios Firmware F112K
    mb_bios_z390-aorus-pro-wifi_f12j.zip - Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Bios Firmware F112J
    PlistEdit Pro.zip - PlistEdit Pro (use to edit OpenCore)

    PLEASE NOTE - MSR Unlock is now baked into the BIOS as a setting so you no longer need my bios profile to unlock your MSR.
    Bios Update F12K (F12J Pro Wifi) and Bios Settings

    PLEASE NOTE - MSR Unlock is now baked into the BIOS as a setting so you no longer need my bios profile to unlock your MSR.
    BIOS SETTINGS (Bios Revision F12k & F12j Pro Wifi)
    • Enter BIOS -> Press Delete -> Enter Setup
    • Save & Exit -> Load Optimized Defaults
    • Boot -> CFG Lock -> Disabled
    • Boot -> Windows 8/10 Features -> Win 8/10 WHQL
    • Boot -> CSM Support -> Disabled (Can be set to Enabled if need be but try to have it set to Disabled first)
    • Favourites -> Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) -> Profile1
    • Favourites -> VT-d -> Disabled (Can be set to Enabled or Disabled, Your choice)
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Internal Display Output -> PCIe 1 Slot
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Internal Graphics -> Enabled (Disabled If Using SMBios 1,1)
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Pre-Allocated -> 64M
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Total GFX0-Allocated -> 256M
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Aperture Size -> 256MB
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Wifi -> Disabled (Z390 Pro Wifi Only)
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Audio Controller -> Enabled
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> Above 4G Decoding -> Enabled
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> Legacy USB Support -> Auto
    • Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> XHCI Hands-off -> Enabled
    • Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Software Guard Extensions (SGX) -> Disabled
    • Settings -> Platform Power -> Platform Power Management -> Enabled
    • Settings -> Platform Power -> ErP -> Enabled
    • Settings -> Platform Power -> RC6(Render Standby) -> Enabled
    • Save & Exit → Save & Exit Setup
    F12K BIOS Profile With MSR Unlocked & All The Correct Settings Dialled in for you - The Easy Way 
    @texem has made this bios profile for you all to use that will unlock CFG on your motherboard making it play alot more friendly with the NVRam.
    It also has all the bios settings listed on this guide pre done and saved onto the profile.
    Z390 PRO BIOS PROFILE - F12k.zip - Use with Z390 PRO Bios Revision F12K ONLY
    Z390 PRO WIFI BIOS PROFILE - F12J.zip - Use with Z390 PRO WIFI Bios Revision F12J ONLY (Coming Soon)
    1 - Download the profile and save it to a USB Key
    2 - Go into the bios,
    3 - Load the profile, 
    4 - Save and exit
    5 - Go straight back into the bios and save your bios to a new profile and name it Default or something like that.
    6 - Save the changes and then restart and your done, your motherboard will now be CFG (MSR) Unlocked and all the correct settings will be dialled in for you.
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    xtddd reacted to juan e. jot in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    Big Sur Beta 11.0.1 seems to work, after a long and arduous (multiple reboots & lengthy hangs "there-during") install process on a separate drive (just booted to OpenCore, so no separate EFI). Catalina needed me to log back into iCloud once I got back (had not set up any iCloud in Big Sur), but other than the fact that the Big Sur drive is now called "Update" and looks like its System partition is hanging open, it's fine in Catalina.
    And in Big Sur? Meh: it looks completely cosmetic.  I know there's more going on under the hood, but I'm not super-jazzed.  Funnily, "macOS Help" in the Finder just gives you the Catalina help pages.  I guess we'll see tomorrow what a non-beta looks like.
    UPDATE 11/10 (sorry, left side of the pond): Wee~eell… looks like they only introduced Fruity Silicon mackintoshes, did not actually unveil Bug Sir (my current, teasing name for it, though I haven't noticed any bugs as such), choosing instead to say on their web page that the release date is "11.12." That's OK; when I checked for updates on the 11.0.1 Beta, I got notification that RC2 was ready. This, I interpret to mean a couple of things:
    It's ready, they just want developers & beta testers to shriek "STOP THE PRESSES!!!" if there's some reality-breaking bug that the changes in RC2 engendered, and 11.0.1, I'm assuming, is what they're going to release, rather than 11.0. That's not totally off par for the course; I feel like the transition to OS Ecks was similar, though wikis seem to say there were solid x.y.0, x.y.1, etc. releases after the original DP and Public Beta. I've definitely seen it happen with mobile releases (eyeOS 10.0.1, I'm looking at you). Updating from 11.0.1 Beta to 11.0.1 RC2 went off without a hitch, though as before, there were several reboots (no hangs, this time). The interface is slowly growing on me as more modern. Kinda swoopy, but still I don't see the point… which is how I'll feel while I tinker, until one day when I go back to Catalina & it looks antiquated. Hopefully, that will be after any initial release bugs are truly worked out, even if I haven't personally run across them yet.
    For now, Catalina remains home. Regarding any oddnesses about the Beta mentioned above, "macOS Help" still refers one to the Catalina help pages (silly in an RC2, but they'll fix it eventually when n00bs flood the AppleCare call center with "my Launchpad doesn't look like that!," etc.), and in Catalina, the Big Sur boot drive icon is still named "Update" and looks like it actually points to the System partition or a proxy for the dedicated true Fruity EFI it expects or some such (but not the Data partition, anyway).  Oh well; if and when I update my main drive, the boot drive will show up on the "Bug Sir" desktop as expected.
    Update 11/12: It appears my 11.0.1 RC2 installation on a separate drive effectively = the 11.0.1 Final they released, as after its release and an upgrade badge on System Preferences from inside Catalina, booting to said separate suggests no updates, even when checking for them.  Still says I'm enrolled in the Beta program, so maybe that's why. [It later turned out RC2 was build 20B28, the final release was 20B29.]
    So... how long can I stand to hang out on "yesterday's OS?" Well, at least until the end of the work day, hoping I see no wide-spread tales of buggy woe on the InterWebz. Good luck out there!
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    xtddd reacted to Tiem in [pre-release] macOS Big Sur   
    Doubtful, the X86PlatformPlugin needs to be loaded.
    Probably over my pay grade but the guide needs to be rewritten. It specifies that X86PlatformPlugin needs to be attached (this is correct) but then later makes reference to AppleACPICPU needing to be attached, which may be there even tho XCPM module isn't functioning properly.
    I'm still trying to suss out whether machdep.xcpm.mode can return an on state (1) despite XCPM not working correctly.
    Probably best to reach out to Pikera's docs on all this stuff (no he's not coming back) as he's done a boatload of work on this dating well back to 10.8. But you can't just rip out an SSDT unless you really know what you're doing. And unless it's conflicting with Windows, you probably shouldn't just because some guy said to. Just saying.
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    xtddd reacted to Max.1974 in [pre-release] macOS Big Sur   
    Good Morning/Evening/Night for all (without quotes )... tomorrow its possible in Apple event release Big Sur...

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    xtddd reacted to ludox in [pre-release] macOS Big Sur   
    Big Sur Candidate
    Installation and startup with Clover 5126 Acer E1

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    xtddd reacted to AudioGod in AudioGod's Aorus Z390 Pro Patched DSDT Mini Guide and Discussion   
    Yes the Catalina 10.15.7 supplemental update and Big Sur 11.0.1 RC are both perfectly fine to update too, 
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    xtddd got a reaction from surfcaster in R.I.P - artur_pt   
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    xtddd reacted to eSaF in [pre-release] macOS Big Sur   
    Now this latest update was a lot less painful, done through the auto update, 3.69 GB took 45 minutes form download to install and boot. 
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