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    xtddd reacted to Mork vom Ork in ESP Mounter Pro   
    I could confirm, that v1.9 does mount EFI Volumes again under HighSierra 10.13.6 and Mojave successfully again.
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    xtddd reacted to pianoguy in NVIDIA┬« WebDriver Updater.app   
    It does work. Use the "patch" option if there is no web driver for your version. I just patched the 10.12.2 driver to work in the 10.12.3 beta that has no driver. Open the app, click the tab that says "NVDAstartupWeb.kext", enter your current OS build version from "about this mac" into the "fake OS build version", and then click "patch immediately". This works assuming you already have some webdriver installed from a previous version.
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    thank you..i got it.
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    xtddd reacted to Micky1979 in Pandora's Box OS X installer   
    This depend if the target partition is an OSX partition, otherwise all options for that are disabled. i.e. if you target an EFI partition (or a volume that does not contain an OSX installation) you can't install them.