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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I have successfully enabled trim using this post TRIM Link. My understanding is that when you are redeploying a SSD drive is when you would want to erase it completely. After the erase using the command "fsck -ffy" will enable trim cleaning. Reference: fsck Link I have two SSD drives, one on a MBP and one on a hack both running lion and this works for me.
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I need clarity on steps: Step 4 - Delete packages link inside /System/Installation Step 5 - Copy Packages folder from InstallESD.dmg to usb key inside /System/Installation/ Step 9 - Replace files inside installation and library directories using Lion_OSInstall_GM.tar.bz2 After restoring the InstallESD.dmg to the USB and validating the directory structure mentioned in steps 4 & 5, I do not see the items as described. Gong to terminal and issuing sudo -s and authenticating as required then cd /Volumes/Installer and issuing a ls -lR the paths and links mentioned do not exist. The output is attached. There was a previous link (version 3) that had different content for the /Extra folder. This appears to at least boot the 1201N. Replacing the /Extra folder with the V4 content does not boot the 1201N. I originally pulled the 1201N's hard disk since the Snow Leopard install (10.6.6) was no longer booting. This installation was a triple boot between Snow, Win7, and Ubuntu (I use GPT Edit to fudge the MBR to install Windows and Ubuntu). The unit has 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Dell WiFi with the Apple hardware ID hack. When I pulled the HDD and mounted it on a true MBP via a Firewire external enclosure, I chose to install Lion to the external drive. That process worked as expected. I then placed the HDD back in the 1201N and completed the install using the /Extra content from V3. I did not have mouse and keyboard and needed to use external USB devices. Repairing permission with Kext Utility did fix the mouse and keyboard after a reboot. With this working install I did a Carbon Copy Cloner to a USB stick for recovery. The noted "Not Working" items were confirmed with the V3 /Extra content. So acting as a good beta testing member, I wanted to retry the new V4 guide but I'm stuck on creating the USB stick as listed. I'm not a n00b to the OSX world or systems in general (I work as a systems architect for a large financial firm) and any help will be appreciated. Thanks. lsOutput.txt
  3. VMware and all the Jazz!

    I've been following the voluminous Workstation thread from Donk, yet my desire is to run SL Server on ESXi 4 Update 1. It would surely be appreciated if some addition insight to this request can be offered. I have been successful in installing SL Server on Fusions 3 running on a hack, but that is not suitable for the proof of concept at hand. Thanks in advance.
  4. The EFI string method works in my hack using two 9800gtx+ cards from different manufactures. This was a must for me when going from 10.5.8 to 10.6.1. I originally got it working in 10.5.x following the link from Aquamac. On this motherboard you must set the display to PEG2 and the second PCIx slot becomes your first monitor. There is some trial and error but it is worth it for the outcome. Good luck.
  5. Bart, FYI, the second Ethernet port works fine in the version 1.0 board. I used it yesterday to configure a wireless router. I keep it enabled in the BIOS and control it from Network Preferences.
  6. 10.5.7 has been released

    From retail 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 (combo update) worked fine. Needed to re-install (just like initial install from the retail dvd): AppleAHCIPort.kext - drive icons IOAHCIFamily.kext - drive icons HDAEnabler.kext - ALC889A_1056 fix AppleHDA.kext - ALC889A_1056 fix Setup: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P (stock BIOS) JMicro Disabled otherwise Kernel Panic Quad Core Q9550 TWO BFG Tech 9800 GTX+ 512 with three monitors (Aquamac EFI String Way!) [no room for the fourth monitor on my desk ] 4 Gig RAM - 4 more on the way Chameleon-2.0-r431 Fusions - (2) XP sp3 & (1) Vista x86 Ultimate Vista x64 Ultimate on another HDD - boots from Chameleon or Fusions as Boot Camp partition My continued thanks go out to the community!