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    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    Sorry guys, Not a ton of progress right now. the system is pretty close to being done to begin testing. As you can tell form the videos and pictures , it works. Just need to run high speed traffic on it and verify reliablity. from there its just adding bells and whistles. Progress has been slow as i've been insanely busy. work, kids, new baby on the way. Im going to try to get the rest of the caddy boards built and see what i can do about getting a bill of materials ready and order enough boards to sell blank boards for the DIY crowd.

    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    Backplane board, Caddy boards, and Caddy power cable/sata cables. Blank boards or solder it yourself kits could be offered for much less.

    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    See my answers in bold. Due to the amount of time it will take to assemble the kits and the cost of components we plan to ask for $1000 for a complete kit. This seems like a lot, but in reality a 14 bay Raid does not come cheap in any current form.

    Introduce yourself.

    My Name is PreRunnerSeth. I have a little maker business called PRS-Tech. I started out making custom boards for Gameboy Zero builds. I was commissioned by one of the users at sudomod to design custom PCBs to convert a Apple XServe Raid to use SATA drives and allow it to be used as a chassis for custom raid builds. I plan to blog the progress here in the mods section. I have already designed a replacement Hard Disk Caddy board and will be moving on to the back plane board next. Hope this fits with your community. Thanks, PRS