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  1. Sorry, im not experienced in BT hardware in this context. But im planning to buy some PCIe BCM94360CD card from Aliexpress anytime soon for Airdrop etc. I can only tell that people like Rehabman recommended to change BT USB port to internal (cause real macs also do) and by feedback from users that confirmed it to work. I rather put my system to sleep than shutdown/coldstart it every time. Because of that, before buying new hardware, im checking out for any trouble it may cause on sleep/wake etc...Google also says a lot of real mac users seem to get problems on 3rd party BT mice as well. Check that options here. At least for me and my ASUS Z170M-Plus (current DSDT by MaLd0n) sleep/wake works superb. No strange instant wakes or hangs after wake. It just works perfectly reliable (Wake on LAN and Power Nap are disabled in energy settings). USB type C port is not in my SSDT-UIAC or Info.plist. I don't need it, yet. But it should be like any other port to inject: enable port limit patch, insert usb type-C device and check out IORegistryExplorer for SSxx ports being used in XHC device etc.
  2. Ok, you totally convinced me to do this. I still believe it's not really necessary but why not? Here you have it @Twa: A choice between SSDT and info.plist way of port injection. Choose wisely... Info.plist replaces /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/USBInjectAll.kext/Contents/Info.plist Delete SSDT-UIAC.aml if you prefer Info.plist way. Info.plist
  3. @MaLd0n You mean info.plist editing? Sorry. I'm just sharing here my personal preference in adding port injections or changing connector type stuff. You can of course instead edit info.plist to change connector type, but after kext update you need to take care not to overwrite this file. It's a little awkward way in my opinion. Thats why i prefer SSDT way.
  4. Oh, sorry. You're right. I mixed up "portType" and "UsbConnector". It should be 0xFF or 255. @MaLd0n Yes, thats an alternative way. Didn't tried it yet. But it seems, it doesn't allow to change UsbConnector type value. SSDT-UIAC.aml
  5. For general port injection, you are right. It's easier than SSDT way. Essentially i was trying to say that Sleep + USB wake + USB BT can work together if he configures the usb port he's using for usb bluetooth to internal type. And, as far as i know, SSDT or info.plist config file is the only way to do this. // Okay, i added BT and waterpump ports by ioreg of @Twa. Both ports are "internal" now. At least BT Sleep problems can be solved this way. If it still doesn't work, the pump needs to get off the usb port. SSDT-UIAC.aml
  6. @Twa Hi. You need to create a config file for USBInjectAll kext by Rehabman and set the connector type of usb port that's used by bluetooth to "internal". More details are in Rehabman's guide at the other forum. The guide isn't talking about bluetooth but how to set your port to internal type. Some people before got sleep issues using a usb powered water pump. That may cause your issues too. You can try setting both ports to internal. If that doesn't help, you need a adaptor to some other power source (for your water pump only). Maybe the 4 pin Molex connector for pre-SATA disks... I added my USBInjectAll SSDT config. You can use it as a template. But i'm not injecting all USB2/3 ports that are available. There are many left. So you need to add missing ports for your pump and bluetooth from SSDT-UIAC-ALL.dsl by Rehabman. After that, this DSL file needs to be compiled (MaciASL) like the guide says in AML format and move it to your EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder. SSDT-UIAC.dsl
  7. MiKM

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Ok. Yes, that is always first thing to do. There is some support topic here but it doesn't seem to have any DSDT/SSDT fixes for Z800. Or maybe i didn't see them... If you need help, just create a topic in DSDT section.
  8. MiKM

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @robertr It looks like your problem is related to improperly configured ACPI. You need properly patched DSDT or SSDT fixup files. Look here, there is someone who seems to have your mainboard too. You can try Clover folder Mald0n posted at post #11 and replace DSDT by post #13. Keep in mind, fixes are for Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud7 ver1 bios F8. Any other mainboard version may cause problems.
  9. Ok. It's hard to say what happened without any further infos. Cleanest way is to create a new user account and copy over your files from the current one. Or backup your data (if there are any) and reinstall macos. Don't forget to format your macos partition in setup process. If you don't want to reinstall macos: At Clover screen select your macos system and press space bar. Then select Single User Mode (-s). Boot it. I don't know if there are any important files left in your current user folder. You can try to acces them and copy to a safe place. Folder is /Users/[yourmissinguserfolder]/. You probably need to change permissions by su [yourmissingusername] before to see them. After su-session type exit and follow this guide to recreate the old or create a new user account. Finally type reboot or sudo reboot. That's it.
  10. @alireza_sh Did you possibly change your keyboard layout? Or maybe accidentally...? Please check you're not on US keymap or something.
  11. Yes, but there are no other references to HDAS or HECI in ssdt files here. I did check that by grepping in CLOVER/ACPI/origin. I also did Clover rename patch SAT0 -> SATA because it's in DSDT and SSDT-0. Ok, tried out primary display to internal graphics but it didn't wake after sleep, like i expected. But thats okay. There seems further patching needed at SKLGraphicsFramebuffer kext for sleep/wake to work on skylake platform... All i wanted is video hardware acceleration by hd530 connectorless and it to survive waking after sleep. It's still working perfectly even after many hours of sleep.
  12. Yes, you're right. IMEI is working again after enabling IGPU. BUT another very interesting sidenote: IGPU doesn't hang anymore after wake from sleep! I only tried by enabling multi monitor mode in Asus EFI Setup (no primary display test, yet). I did this before to get hardware acceleration via HD530. But as soon i let my system sleep, video playback didn't work anymore. But thats gone now! I don't know if its your DSDT or recent IntelGraphicsFixup.kext but changelog doesn't say so... I will try using my monitor on IGPU als primary display later, when i get time. Tried 3 sleep/wake cyles now and HD530 is still alive. Amazing! btw: I renamed by Clover GFX0 -> IGPU and PEGP -> GFX0.
  13. Ok, did't try this. But it makes sense. Will check it later.
  14. Thanks for the update! I see, u removed GFX1 device back to original PEGP. Did that too on your previous DSDT. But what catched my eyes: IMEI device driver doesn't start up. Most probably because you removed device-id and compatible property of IMEI device.
  15. MiKM

    macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Maybe you are trying to compile against older ACPI version. Try Maciasl Fork from Rehabman and switch to ACPI 6.1 in preferences. ###edit### Regarding your fan issues: You can try experimenting on enabling/disabling AGDC in AMD9xxxControllerPatcher.kext