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    A few Simple Questions

    Thanks! I will try this as soon as I can. Also, will Leopard run on a dual core AMD?
  2. I installed Kalyway 10.5.1, and then updated to 10.5.2 with Kalyway. Everything is fine except my PS/2 Key board will not work. Anyone have a fix for this. Also, can you install Mac OS 10.5.1 on an extrenal drive. So I could use my laptop without having to erase the factory install. I have a couple of 500GB My Books lying around, two full one empty. Would this work. They are all USB.
  3. Inepsa

    10.5 Will not load anymore.

    I think i am going to just move back to XP. I will just wait untill either the price of Macs goes down, or they release their operating system.
  4. Inepsa

    10.5 Will not load anymore.

    The only thing that I have installed is my sound drivers. I don't know how to boot into verbose mode. I still use the disk to boot due to a b0 error. I still get that error after setting my partition active.
  5. I am using Kalyway 10.5.1 install. I installed just fine and booted in with no problems. I have had it installed for a couple of days now. One morning I went to boot it up, and it just hangs at the apple screen with the gear rotating. I am using a Gigabyte P35 - DS3L board. I have a core 2 duo. Any Ideas would be welcomed.
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    Then they should lower their prices on hardware prices. You can build amazing machinery for the same price as a piece of Mac hardware. They could be far more competitive with lower prices.
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    I would be a Mac guy if they would sell Leopard so I can install it on any machine I want. There hardware is overpriced and not worth it. If they start selling licenses to everyone that wants to use a Mac, then I will put it on all of my computers.
  8. When patching the file, I was not able to drag it onto the program. I just right clicked and opened it with the program. Dont know if anyone else was having this problem.
  9. Inepsa

    New Member

    I live off of Google. I use it all day every day to diagnose computer problems. I am a Windows computer repair guy. I run a business out of my house, and use Google for everything. I don't think I could go without it.
  10. Hello all, I am new to the Mac OS and I am working on a Kalyway install on my Gigabyte board. Lets hope it works. I really like this forum, I read it all the time but just now have joined. I love the way it is set up, and I hope to chat with some of you soon. Thanks, Inepsa