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  1. Bluetooth headset

    Hi there, I have a Medion akoya (MSI Wind clone). Since the sound is not fully supported (ALC888, ICH7,Azalia only gives speakers sound, no headphones, no mic jack nor embedded mic), I'm mtrying to use a bluetooth headset for VoIP applications. My headset pairs fine, but when I try to connect to it, it connects for a couple of seconds, and then disconnects saying there has been an audio error, so I can't use it. It does not appear under the sound devices tab. I don't know if the problem comes from the audio drivers (given the ALC888 it's not fully supported, maybe it does not accept any other output/input devices), or from the headset itself. Since I don't have a different headset to try, I would like to know if someone has managed to get it working with other headset in this laptoop before buying a new one. Please, post your experience, and if it worked for you, the headset model. Thanks a lot. PD: BTW, the headset works fine in other computers. The bluetooth dongle i'm using is osx compatible.
  2. Looking for Taruga and SkippyRetard

    Yeah, I noticed it some days ago. If someone manages to speak with them, please, tell them to post in this thread or PM me.
  3. Looking for Taruga and SkippyRetard

    I've been there, but i can't see any way to contact him. Could you please enlighten me? I know. I have been reading about their work. I still would like to speak with them about how those "patches" are done. Of course if the final way is to develop a new driver, it's going to require a lot of time and effort, and for sure, more than talking to taruga. Anyway, wouldn't this be a good starting point? Guys it seems that you are aguing with me:D I just would love to have a short talk, or a mail chain with them, if they agree:D heheh I'm not a spammer:D Thanks again.
  4. Looking for Taruga and SkippyRetard

    Well, we(2 people) want to contact them because want to try to give full support for some ALC888 configurations that currently don't work in osx86 (at least, don't work with full support), and it seems that they're the "sound guys" of osx86. No matter if we need to rewrite a new driver, this is what we need to do, and it would be great to have some guidelines from those experienced guys. We can start working without them, but talking with an experienced person in this topic, will save us hours of fight with things that the've have already faced, and this, is not good neither for us, nor the end user that will use the resulting driver... That's the main reaseon we're looking forward to hear from them. I'm just really impressed, that this guys are so hardly accesible. Thank's a lot.
  5. Looking for Taruga and SkippyRetard

    Hi everyone. We've been trying to contact Taruga and SkippyRetard members of this forum, but it seems an impossible task. We plan to start some driver development, and we would like to have their blessing:D. No, seriously, we need to talk them. I tried to send them a message from their profiles, but it didn't seem to work. Does anyone know the email address of this two members? Thanks a lot!!!!