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  1. Hi, has anybody confirmed USB audio working with the ND-22 with or without any additional modifications? I am considering building this as a HTPC to use with an asynchronous USB DAC (Calyx 24/192). Thanks..
  2. Airport being detected as Ethernet

    How did you fix this? I also have an Atheros 5424ab chipset, am getting the same "ACInterfaceGetPowerPreference() called with invalid interface" error, and can't turn on airport! Help, please. Thanks!
  3. Just want to say THANKS for this; it worked great for me!
  4. Adaptec SCSI RAID?

    Anyone? I've already ordered a 74GB Raptor to dedicate to OS X, while using the SCSI array for Linux and Windows. Not having to deal with SCSI and no dual booting should make life easier with the install, no?
  5. Adaptec SCSI RAID?

    I'm planning on building a new OSx86 box and was planning on using an Adaptec 3400S SCSI RAID controller with my 2 74GB U320 drives, but after doing some research it looks like I might have to go with SATA for the OS X boot. Has anybody gotten any SCSI RAID set up working, Adaptec or not? I would gladly pick up a new RAID controller if it has OS X (Leopard) support.
  6. How has your experience with OSx86 been?

    Awesome! I'm so excited now! WAY more power and expansion capability for less $$$! So here's a rough draft of my rig: - Intel Q6600 Quad - Some highly compatible mobo - 4 GB G.Skill Dual-Channel DDR2 800 - Geforce 6600GT running dual head (1 DVI, 1 VGA) - 2x74GB U320 SCSI in RAID 1 mirror (already have drives) - Some suitable RAID controller, probably Adaptec. - 500W Cooler Master PSU (already have) - Maybe another WD Raptor 74GB since I'll be triple booting Linux and WinXP 32-bit using GRUB as the bootloader. I'd also like to play with Vista using Fusion. Any forseeable troubles here?
  7. Hi everyone, I just ordered a Mac Mini, but am considering swapping for a beefier homebrew box for a cheaper, faster, more flexible OS X system -- with the compatibility list here as a guide to which components to purchase =). I would just like to know if you are happy with your systems or if you would prefer moving to Apple hardware if you had a choice. It's been difficult to find out about compatability issues and performance relative to genuine Apple hardware. I know it may take some work to get some hardware working, but once running, has it caused other intermittent problems, i.e. crashing apps/OS? Has performance and stability been smooth sailing, particularly 3D and video? How about Parallels and/or Fusion? Thanks!