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  1. bestestever

    can I run Leopard with this hardware?

    yes you can run it
  2. i know this is old but i would just like to thank identity and inoob! I LOVE you guys, This made almost everything on my ASUS a8n vm csm work. so thank you, The only thing i still cannot use is the graphics.
  3. bestestever

    Graphics Help

  4. bestestever

    Intel High Definition Audio

    LOL they worked right upon install!
  5. Well, I would do a bunch of research on it. Google Foums Ask.com ECT And just find any little bit of info you can on it. Than make a descion to try it or not.
  6. bestestever

    LCD Brightness

    **BuMP** The Idea Train Has RUn DrY!
  7. bestestever

    Dose not see my USB device

    you have to deleate it .
  8. Hey BronxxBoy I posted Ealier. Some Where in here. I have the SAME EXACT ISSUE AS MK.Lim I MEAN EXCATLYY The same.
  9. LOLIf this stays ,, it will be just great.I wonder when the lawsuit will be?This will be an interestin topic to watch for the next few months.This Is some Interview with the People that made it.http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/...eck-out-openpro
  10. bestestever

    bcm4311 compaq presario C304NR?

    Ok Ok .lol I have this same lappy (its my old one) The card your talking about is complatly osx86 Compatible! The Stock Broadcom Divers Will Pick it up right on first boot!
  11. bestestever

    I can`t boot from the DVD

    Ok .. that 7300 May be the issue. On the cd of course that might not have drivers for it . Do the following on cd boot: Push F8 Type: -f -v -x And if that doesnt work... Than Type: "Graphics_mode"="xxxx*xxx@xx" Fill in the x's with a resulation. If you arent sure about what resulations your card can do . Type ?video This will list all video mode your GPU can handle. Try that stuff then come back here and post your results.
  12. bestestever

    System Profiler Crashes

    Ahh.. Ok ok .. Can you specify if you are youing a smbios if so what version?
  13. bestestever

    Intel GMA X3100

    ***UPDATE*** FIXED >>><<
  14. Ok now that i see this topic is still active... I have the same problem A few of thease dudes above are having. I get the audio out and internel laptop speakers working but....Both of them have output at the same time So it like not having headphones at all. I have tried all of your Kexts/txt's etc and none I MEAN NONE! of them have worked right for me . If you can give me a tip of what i can do.. PLEASE Post that tip. I am also welcome to helping the devolpment of Driver that solves my problem. System Specs: Sony VGN-NR180E<<<almost all working . Ram 4 gbs 667mgz ddr2 <<working Hdd: 1x200 GB 5400 Rpm <<working Graphics: Intel x3100 Fully Working at all res. <<Working Darwin EFI Boot with real Kexts and real Kernel. <<<working Os:Leopard 10.5.1 With kalyway Update to 10.5.2 <<WORKING and sleep<<working Touch Pad <<working with BronxBoy Driver. Sound: ALC262_800 internal speakers= yes headphones=yes Play Music With Internel Spakers at same time . digital out= n/a Mic= Not tested Attatched Is my Linux Codec Dump>.... http://nick123.pastebin.com/f5a529b3b ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ måç ƒor l¥ƒ Thanks...
  15. bestestever

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Just FYI , I found by using Switchresx That Widescreen Resulations are Just Hidden If you cannot get them just downlod the switchresx Control Pannel.