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  1. Poe_

    New Build of OS X Leopard

    Hi. for 10.5.2 update I should start update system from menu? and how do you think, Do I run without problems 10.5.2 on AMD? I installed OSX from iso for AMD, and I don't know if I'll run it...
  2. or You can use GIMP for free (under GPL) (it has version for windows too) cheers
  3. Poe_

    Your Greatest Photos

    - http://po-e.deviantart.com/art/run-away-51313309 - http://po-e.deviantart.com/art/wooden-I-50932512 - http://po-e.deviantart.com/art/colder-when-hot-38696528 - http://po-e.deviantart.com/art/black-corridor-30199492 it's my the best photos, I think (on deviantart I have a lot of photos, but I don't update it now, I have only my poe.art.pl) @digitalfrog - increible photos!
  4. Poe_

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    av: 6.5/10 sig: 6/10 why? I don't like anime/manga. I don't know it.
  5. Poe_

    Rate my phtography.

    Hmm, thanks for a comment Maybe you have right that my photos are a little not oryginally, but I think, my eye will be beter in future I've going to be better still and I'll be! (I hope so ) You've a lot of fantastic photos. You take from interesting perspective and with 'different' (positive 'different'!) enlightenment. and you have good concepts. cheers Poe
  6. Poe_

    Rate my phtography.

    No, it's polish language it's specific language Thank You No, I've never taken any photo courses. My father showed me some technics and main options, but after I did all myself. I use Nikon D70 (I used Nikon F80 before).
  7. Hi. I have one question from my friend. He installed on his laptop (the same like mine) osx. he has only OS X on disk, and after install he can't boot OS X (computer doesn't see system) how can he make any bootloader or something like that?
  8. Poe_

    Rate my phtography.

    no, I'm amatour it's my hobby only. I'm glad, you like it. which do you like the most? and sorry, that these site is not in english. I'm doing it now,will be soon.
  9. Poe_

    Rate my phtography.

    could I please to rate my photos - http://poe.art.pl/ what do you think about them?
  10. Poe_


    try with -x -v -f
  11. Poe_

    how fast does your leo boot?

    I saw gentoo, which starting about 10secs If somebody is good administrator and knows what is where, they can do all with gentoo
  12. I found a piece of information, that util for change themes doesn't works at leo. Do you know something other what works at leo?
  13. Poe_

    how fast does your leo boot?

    OS X is between my Gentoo and Windows. 1. gentoo - about 13-16 secs. 2. osx - about 20-23 secs 3. winxp mce - about 40-50secs.
  14. Poe_

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    hm, somebody knows if is any application for AMD like speedstep? because my laptop always run @2.00GHz on OSX, so it's too noisy for me (and too hot)
  15. hmm.. could you tell me how i can install themes/styles on mac? I dont want change dock, only windows decorators, colours etc. I found some nice themes with *.guiKit extension, but for install it I have to have other application, haven't I? thanks