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  1. Btw, If I wake the laptop from sleep (which seems to be working great even with your latest kext) the brightness is beefed up. Do you know why? This is how I want it all the time. Do I need to change configuration in config.plist?
  2. Since your config.plist is MacbookPro8,1 shall I define Sandy when running the script? I ask this because the script complains that the board-id is not supported by Ivy Bridge while running: ./ssdtPRGen.sh i5-3317U I'm now running for Sandy like this: ./ssdtPRGen.sh i5-3317U 2600 17 0 Let's see if it works! UPDATE: Mini-VGA doesn't work. I've now lost HDMI support (after inserting 3 times it worked, and now works flawlessly). I'm using my SSDT.aml (\EFI\ACPI\patched), your latest kext and config.plist (MacbookPro8,1). Hints are really appreciated.
  3. Damn, I'm an i5. Does anyone have SSDT for i5?
  4. Btw, I'm using this laptop for the development. Is there a way to map the key between Right-Alt-Gr and Right-Ctrl into Option key?
  5. OK. I'll be waiting on your SSDT, then. Thanks for your relentless efforts :-)
  6. Can you please provide me his SSDT? Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Are you using phelics or 68x SSDT? I think I'm still using phelics but it's not working :-(
  8. Didn't work for me. Using config.plist for MacbookPro8,1. I'm a little bit confused here... What I have now: 1) I have EFI\OEM\MacbookPro9,2, EFI\OEM\MacbookPro8,1 and EFI\OEM\MacbookAir5,2 and all of them contain a tailored config.plist for the related Macbook iteration. 2) I also have \EFI\config.plist but I think this is for Clover, is it not? 3) I have DSDT.aml in \EFI\ACPI\mini \EFI\ACPI\patched Questions: A) Where do I put 68x's DSDT.aml and config.plist? In \EFI\patched and EFI (respectively) or in EFI\OEM\MacbookPro8,1?
  9. Ermm.. where's the kext? :-) In other news, my unit just got replaced. No more black screen issues! Well, at least if I keep from installing something like iStatMenus which somehow when getting info from the GPU turns it "off", but HDMI works nonetheless .
  10. Do you have external monitor working (mini-vga and/or hdmi)?
  11. FSCK me and my luck.. about black screen! https://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_ZENBOOK_UX32VD/#support_Knowledge_2C677EC3-8166-4159-8336-AC7561FC7874
  12. Is it enoughtto change the corresponding line in config.plist (I'm using MacbookAir5,2 but there no folder MacbookAir5,2 on my EFI\OEM)? Or do I need more than that?