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  1. Found a fix bought a 20.00 dollar evga 8400gs video card best fix ever all works now .
  2. Hi I googled for a Kext or a fix and nothing was clear so I hope someone can help me here with this... I was wondering what Kext would I need to get this working? I Installed iAtkos Snow Leopard and everything is working except the video displays @ 1024X768 . My native resolution is 1920X1080 is there a Kext for this onboard video card? I would really appreciate some help with this I hope I get a prompt reply and have a nice day .
  3. 10.5.6 on MSI G31M3-f

    I would also love to learn how to use the file provided to flash my bios . If you could do a step by step and the tools you need to flash your bios would be greatly appreciated or if you can point me to a tutorial would be great too. Thanks .
  4. Hi I had iDeneb and iATKOS run perfectly on my machine i would boot into the installation without any problem. Here is my problem Someone spilled water on my tower and drops of water got inside wich killed my motherboard . I went and bought a new one a " MSI Manufacturer : MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Product : G31M3-L V2(MS-7529) " my problem is I cannot boot into any OSX86 installation and I know for a fact it is the motherboard . I searched here and googled for any help topics on this issue that I could find to no avail. I tried all the .iso's I downloaded including a Snow Universal .iso I found on the net on my friends machine and they all boot into the install perfectly . I really need your help and my question is do i need to change anything in the bios in order for the OSX86 .iso's to boot? I installed W7 ultimate .iso with no problems it booted fine and installed fine. Any help would be trully appreciated and thanks in advance for any suggestions or help I get.
  5. Fix Res

    Hello all I just installed Kalyway 10.5.1 on my acer desktop...The sound and net works fine the problem that I face Is that My native resolution is 1440X900 and it is only displaying 1024X768 any fixes that you guys can share with me or any help that you guys can share would be greatly appreciated. Intel 946GZ chipset with Intel GMA 3000 integrated graphics technology ensures dependable platform operation with enhanced visuals Six 3.5" and two 5.25" drive bays permit future expansion Integrated GMA 900 presents advanced graphics performance PCI Express X16 slot for an optional graphics card Built-in Realtek ALC880 audio CODEC puts out crisp sound VGA and DVI-D monitor connectors Two 1-watt speakers built into the monitor. I am hopping that there is drivers that I can install that will help me with this thanks and have a great day.
  6. 18. Out of Disk utilities and choose TERMINAL in the Utilities When I chose this it doesnt open up and it stays with the color spinner forever any sugestions? and if I skip this step what will happen?
  7. """""" After downloaded the zip torrent from thepiratebay, i got CRC error when tried to unzip by winzip/7zip/powerarchiver. Then, i tried with unzip application in Leopard, it works well. Burn ISO DVD with Toast, but i got following error: CODELoading Darwin/x86 EBIOS read error: Device timeout Block 8939856 Sectors 64 EBIOS read error: Device timeout Block 8939856 Sectors 64 ..... I also tried with another burning software like: nero, magiciso, but still the same situation. Please help me to fix this problem. Thank you very much. """"""" I have this same problem anyone with a solution willing to help me out will be gratly apreciated you can post message me if you like thanks.