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  1. I'm also having trouble getting a 10.4.3 1099 dual boot system running. I did the following: Partitioned a Windows NTFS volume, and a HFS+ (Type AF) volume. Then I ran the Mac OS X DVD Install, which after rebooting with the DVD In the drive booted up the hard-disk version of OSX fine. After the second reboot, nothing would load at all. So I reinstalled XP on its drive, which allowed the system to boot to XP. I then tried the chain0 trick, but that resulted in going back to the BOOT.INI bootup menu. I tried dd'ing the first 512 bytes of the OSX partition and running that from BOOT.INI - this resulted in the dreaded "HFS+ Partition Error" problem. Presently that partition is set to type AF, and the XP partition is bootable. They're both primary volumes. Here's the fun thing - If I boot from the DVD, and make the installed OSX partition the Startup Disk, the partition boots fine, however then I can't boot to XP unless I fdisk the XP partition back to the bootable partition. Any advice on where to go from here? Thanks, -Hippy
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    Toast 6.1 on Dell Inspiron 9300, Any Success?

    Hi, thanks, I already read that thread, and I'll try 1099 next and see if that works. There was no specific mention of the Dell 9300 nor VMWare or 10.4.1 in that thread, and since mine isn't working, it would help if anyone has any knowledge of their experience with any similar setups who have experienced similar problems. Thanks again...
  3. Hi everyone, I've got a Dell Inspiron 9300 with the NEC dual layer DVD burner. I was wondering if anyone has found a configuration of OSX x86 (any release, native or vmware) that allows Toast to work. So far I've tried Toast 6.1 in 10.4.1 via VMWare, which doesn't work. I get two error messages from toast, one that hints at some kind of illegal address, and the other says invalid mode select. I also am unable to create a temporary partition. PatchBurn has been installed, and it does recognize the burner, even if it won't use it. I'm thinking about trying a native install but figured I would consult the forums first. Any info would be great, thanks.