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  1. Hello... I'm owned an HP-DV5 2147. I want to try/test boot cd v.1.2. I'm not a newbie in hackintosh, but even when i've injected some intel core-i3 kext on osx-10.6.3 install dvd, I can't install it.
  2. Hi Guys.... A.F.A.I.K. Azalia is older than HDA. I don't have the Azalia code so, I only can play with some options in the plist and I didn't find anything = no mic for the moment in Azalia . I'm in in the project for the QE/CI but is a project for ATI and NVidia drivers in linux are close code (it seems to be Windows lol) and I never make a reverse engineering. Any way if someone want to tellme the plan......
  3. Sorry guys.... I have the F.1D BIOS version working with sound, the latest is a fix for the overheat issue (F.1E) and i have to prove each one of the older versions for the TX1000 models to be sure wichs version works and wich not. F.18 Works F.1C Works F.1D Works F.1E DOES NOT WORK @the_29 And with core i mind try to figure it out why the lates bios F.1E doesn't work and why the same bios works wit some tablets and some tablets not.... i'm trying to modify AppleAzalia to have a winer kext with volume controls & mic recognized
  4. Sorry, but i didn't get it. I guess it doesn't work in every lap but we need to figure why it works in that way, it suppose that every lap have the same core, but wit improvementes and fixes. So we need to get the core to make it replicable....
  5. Hello mates. I guess you know that but the latest and safer BIOS update for our HP-MACblets is the SP38632.EXE (BIOS F.1D) it bios is for Vista, but I guess you can find some for XP (remember the older bios only appears in english updates) If you want to have sound with volume controls, but without mic use the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext If you want to have sount without volume controls, but with mic use Taruga's ALCinject.kext and AppleHDA.kext If you have the tree kext MAC is going to use the first one it found (ApplaAzaliaAudio), so try just une of the two options
  6. Maybe it craps, but as a Window$ friend it work only in it, but in Linux and MAC it don't, the overheat issue still happend..... and I miss the sound in MAC .... any way i use it only to xperiment the "think different" XP-rience, becuase since my first install i have a lot of issues and without QE/CI I can't say "Vista has gone through the Windows".
  7. Insanely Fellows.... Ha, Ha. I think the sound issue isn't related with the Realtek Updates but HP Bios Update.... I didn't have to much time last week, but yesterday I found a forum where someone open his TX to change the thermal compound, and another guy said someting about the "lates" HP firmware update in order to improve the overheatting issue. I install it and suddenly my HP-MACblet sounds gone. I will try to obtain the PC Wizard 2008 specification from the show window tablet's -if the salesman allowme - and compare it with my new ones. Becasue the old ones shows some PCI devices including the sound an now it doesn't.... another case for the Twilight Zone If some one could share the specifications from the mother board and sound to compare, just to have some useful tools to Taruga instead of botther him every minute
  8. I really don't know, I been trying all these tricks since my first install but nothing could help me to get the QE/CI. I wish we have the source code of the NVinject but we need some specifications from Nvidia Go 6150 wich are unavailable. I started to modify the source code I found of the ForceDeth.kext -to prevent frezzes- and it give some clues about the project, but i didn't try to create or modify somethin for the graphic card, I think is hard way to walk through in order to get QE/CI, but there are a lot of manuals in Apple about the kext, drivers and kernel: Apple Darwin Guides and the Introduction to Kernel Extensions guide. Also Is a very good idea, start a new thread for HP TX1000 & TX2000 models, where you can control all the files and links for the improvements you already have. Finally I still have issues with my Leo4All , the md5 is right and i check the Id's for the SATA but it install, doesn't like my tablet, if I can't install for friday, i will ask you some help
  9. Hello. It is the first I post something here, my english sucks but anyway....AFAIK: 1.- I Have Zephyroth version and it works fine to me, except the WIFI, i gess it is because the drivers or kexts used in it. The network works with some frezzes, and Taruga's kext for sound always works to me. 2.- The Go6150 dosn't work with mac, we don't have the source code from GoToH to try to modify it in our tablets, and the worst it's and old model so i think it will be hard work to obtein the QE/CI. 3.- The sonds works in some TX and in some other no, becuase the chipsets, there are little variations (improvements) from the original and the mute button dosn't change from orange -in my case- becuse it works with the ACPI. 5.- Fedora 8 works with our tablets also Suse 10.3 and Debian 4.0rX. but there are quite tricks to manage them. 6.- The HP-TX's models are UNFRIENDLY for diferent OS (only friend of Vista, but is very slow). 7.- I'm tryin to install Leo4All but it dosn't want my TX1332LA Hard disk, so I'm going to check the kext maybe my SATA ID is missing. Cheers!!! For every one and i hope we can say some day "¡Hasta La Vista Windows!" -Vista has been throw by the Windows" jajajaja.