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  1. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Can someone who has had success loading Leopard on a Motion Computing LE1700 tablet please help? What install package (kalyway, etc.) and options did you use? I have built and installed a desktop hackintosh, but just can't seem to be able to get the tablet running OSX, let alone TabletMagic. And yes, I've tried to search to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. -B

    The OP said that the same setup works fine on his desktop hack, so it's not a Hack vs. Mac issue.

    Do a google search regarding the PCMCIA bus for your particular notebook. Some of them are problematic, especially in terms of firewire card throughput. I ran into this several years ago when trying to get a PCMCIA sound card to work for a mobile DJ setup. I wound up getting a notebook with built-in firewire, to avoid the whole cardbus issue. -B
  4. iPhone 3G on T-Mobile

    This is pretty worthless. The iPhone 3G does not use the same bands as T-Mobile 3G. You would not be able to use it at 3G speeds on T-M. Also, it is rumored that you will be required to return the 3G iphone, if you opt out within the 30 days, or end up with an expensive phone with no service if you terminate later. What other GSM carrier is there in the states? -BB
  5. Ipod Video 5G As Ipod Touch!

    Sadly I have the same problem... no music or video files after flashing. 5th Gen 30GB. I really like the interface, though... -B
  6. I disagree. The switch to Intel has intrigued and persuaded a lot of non-mac users to make the switch, not only because it eliminated the "which is the better processor" argument (PPC vs Intel, i.e., VHS vs. beta), but because it easily allows Windows to be run on a Mac. More people are prone to switch because they feel they can have the best of both worlds now. What also helps is that OS X is Un*x based - stable platform, familiar to many who are CS students/IT geeks. Adding in Vista's apparent failure, Mac has become a better choice for personal computing. There is still a lot of software that does not have a viable Mac equivalent. Being able to run these programs in parallels or bootcamp eases the pain of switching platforms. If Apple would make more affordable hardware, it would become a no-brainer for most consumers.
  7. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Would you care to elaborate on what hardware features work and which don't on the tablet? Do the fingerprint reader, wireless, bluetooth and sound all work? Also a howto guide for Motion Computing tablets would be most appreciated. I have a LE1700 core duo that I'm dying to install Kalyway Leopard on, but am confused by the information in this thread. It seems to be mostly for other brands of machines. Thanks, -B
  8. I call mine the "Blackintosh" because I built it in one of the glossy black Antec cases, which seems to nicely contrast the "whiteness" (color, not race) of everything Apple. I stuck one of the white Apple stickers from my iPod on the side. It also rhymes with "hackintosh". My drives/machine name are Doctor Who based: Machine: Timelord Main Drive: Gallifrey Archive drive: Torchwood TimeMachine drive: TARDIS (I couldn't resist the appropriateness of this) I changed my drive icons to match. -B
  9. New 9.2.2 ToH kernel

    Try reinstalling ITunes. It fixed it for me. -B
  10. Right mouse button doesn't work

    Did you enable the secondary button settings in the mouse control panel? -B
  11. If it makes you feel any better, the same happened to me when I installed a Firewire Audiophile that I had previously been using with XP. The first reboot caused a KP during the firmware update. The second reboot was successful without incident. -B