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    Rumor : 3 different versions of OS X

    Faaaaaaake! Apple and industry pundits routinely make fun of redmond's 'a differrent windows for each day of the week' customer confusion strategy. There is no way they'd do this. If they did though: 'Choose your favorite Snow Leopard?' As if! They never present customers with any advertising which is confusing, eg they don't make a poster "Choose your handheld: iPod Touch or iPhone" DVD Covers? Really? The photoshop artist could have atleast photoshoped his design over any current shipping optical media based package, iLife, Leopard, iWork etc Apple never use DVD covers.
  2. Darwinian Dude

    Mac Veterans: PowerPC Pride!

    Apple will ditch compatibility for old technology if it's best for the product line, but they aren't stupid. Knowing that the last machine to move from PPC to Intel was their G5 Tower, their 'Pro' machine at the time, dropping PPC support now would anger a lot of pro users. But Snow Leopard, not being vastly different from a user perspective to Leopard, would provide a good switch over time. Snow Leopard will be the last PPC version though IMO, if indeed it does support them still. I have a G5 I use as a media centre, (was cheaper than a mac mini second hand, that's why I bought it) and do you realise that a 1.8 DP G5 won't even play HD youtube videos? Admittedly this is no doubt poor flash coding on Adobes part, but the PPC chips are dinosaurs performance wise. Fine for general tasks, but for encoding, rendering, real time plugins in audio or video software, in my experience, the G5's act like I'd expect a machine of their age to act like. What the Mac faithful may not realise is how good the Core architecture is; running XP in bootcamp on my first intel iMac, a 2.0 CoreDuo, i was able to double my cubase plugin count over my Pentium 4 3.2. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not anti-mac or anti-ppc, next to the Late '08 Macbook I write this on is a Beige G3 with 60gb hd, usb, running 10.4.11 via xpostfacto and running the safari 4 beta, and I have dozens of older macs, going right back to the Plus. But the future is here, and it's Intel. I'm just old enough to remember the 'fat binaries' and the 68k -> PPC transition. With technologies like Fat Binaries, (68k - PPC) Classic (OS9 emulation under OSX) and Rosetta (PPC code on Intel) Apple has provided some wonderful bridging to make it easier for us over the years, but only for so long. R.I.P.P.P.C.
  3. Darwinian Dude

    Rumor: MacBook touch Coming in October

    Will. Not. Ever. Happen. Not like that anyway. I would buy one, but I can't because Apple won't make it. OS X is not currently well suited to touch. A more newton-sized iPhone is 10,000% more likely, and that will never happen either. If it does, I'll steal someones sunday hat and eat it. They're more likely to do something like this: That's within the realms of possibility in the next few years.
  4. Darwinian Dude

    i-Bench to test your Mac

    Gee the G5's are {censored} I only got this as a movie player for connecting to the projector, second hand for $450. Was going to get a mini, but this was cheaper, does the job, and can hold multiple SATA hard disks. Although this is the worst of the G5's, aren't we all glad we have Core2Duo's now? Anyway: System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Build 9E17) Model: PowerMac7,2 Processor: Frequency: 1.60 GHz Total CPU number: 1 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 800 MHz Memory size: 2.00 GB Memory type: PC2700U-25330 DDR SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5465) Tests results Composite result: 0.67 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 2.31 Gaussian blur: 0.44 Mandelbrot set generation: 0.91 Numerical integration: 0.55 JPEG compression: 0.93 LU decomposition: 1.10 Edge detection: 1.04 Fast Fourier Transform: 0.50 Eigenvalue: 0.97 Partial result: 0.86 iBench_int test suite MD5 hashing: 0.78 Blowfish cypher: 0.33 Kruskal tree search: 0.43 Integer factorization: 0.36 ZIP compression: 0.47 N Queens problem: 0.92 Maximum Common Divisor: 0.64 Quick sorting: 0.49 Binary searching: 0.44 Bubble sorting: 0.44 Prime numbers calculation: 0.84 Partial result: 0.53
  5. Darwinian Dude

    i-Bench to test your Mac

    Macbook Air 1.6 80GB HD With animated desktop wallpaper, activity monitor and safari open. System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Build 9E17) Model: MacBook Air Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P7500 @ 1.60GHz Frequency: 1.60 GHz Total CPU number: 2 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 800 MHz Memory size: 2.00 GB Memory type: 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5465) Tests results Composite result: 2.08 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 2.04 Gaussian blur: 2.19 Mandelbrot set generation: 1.97 Numerical integration: 2.15 JPEG compression: 2.06 LU decomposition: 2.12 Edge detection: 3.10 Fast Fourier Transform: 2.02 Eigenvalue: 2.08 Partial result: 2.17 iBench_int test suite MD5 hashing: 2.04 Blowfish cypher: 2.09 Kruskal tree search: 2.11 Integer factorization: 1.86 ZIP compression: 2.28 N Queens problem: 1.96 Maximum Common Divisor: 2.06 Quick sorting: 1.92 Binary searching: 1.85 Bubble sorting: 1.69 Prime numbers calculation: 2.09 Partial result: 1.99
  6. Darwinian Dude

    Best free midi creator/sequencer?

    Use garage band for now: 1) You can use an external midi or usb keyboard to trigger the sounds in garage band, which are all editable (eg cut off and resonance etc) 2) Garage band CANNOT send midi out to an external keyboard, so if you have a big expensive synthesizer, go buy Logic. 3) Logic will open garage band projects, so play with garage band, when you get serious buy logic and open your projects and experience the 50gb goodness that is logic studio. also, lite versions of ableton live, and reason, are cheap and come with a lot of usb controller keyboards etc. Live is great, the full version is a little pricey though. Still doesn't contain decent instruments, unlike logic studio.
  7. Darwinian Dude

    Leaked Photo of Sub-Notebook?

    FAKE!Because, look at the keyboard. It's a Macbook Pro Keyboard. Any new models surely will not have that anymore, as they've changed the keyboard in the Macbook and on the iMac models too..Strange Still i wouldn't mind though if that was real.Actually....If they release a tablet, eg Modbook, maybe that explains the reasoning behind dropping the number pad off the new wireless keyboard... so it suits the Macbook Nano or whatever it will be called (not that). They're more likely to call it a Maclite or something I though. Or Dietmac
  8. Darwinian Dude

    Who is using a firewire based interface?

    When I ran a hackintosh I used both a tasam fw1884 and a mackie onyx satelite without issues using and audigy card as the firewire interface. Worked well. I have a real mac now though.
  9. Darwinian Dude

    New Leopard GM Candidate Build

    If it's late, they can always announce it on the 26th and say shipping 2-3 days or whatever. I knew that screenshot was fake, haven't the latest betas not showed the build number in that screen at all? They only show it in system profiler? The About the finder dialog shows "10.5" in the latest one i have, whatever that is. EDIT: about this mac i mean, not about the finder. Why my brain reverted to system 6 this morning is beyond me.
  10. Darwinian Dude

    New MacBooks with Leopard?

    Here in Australia Toshibas are far more expensive than a macbook with the same CPU, so there is no way i'd get a toshiba.
  11. Darwinian Dude

    Welcome to the Age of the Unlocked iPhone

    OK, when I got home and read this and went to download the file, most links are wrong, including a Torrent. So: The 6.3kb iUnlock.zip that has a 20kb quicktime movie that doesn't play as the only item inside, is NOT the right file. The 3.9mb iPhoneUnlock.zip file IS the right file. Anyone want to buy me an iPhone i can keep and so i can test if it works so they don't have to brick theirs???
  12. i've seen the Matsu{censored}ys fail to read a lot of disks. Give me the Pioneer unit used in the 17" MBP or (white) 24" iMac anyday. Sorry, I know that doesn't help.
  13. Darwinian Dude

    Safe to buy MacBook Pro?

    I would buy now. I just bought a Macbook Pro 17" HD 1920x1200 250gb/2gb (i'll put in 4gb myself) machine today, it should arrive next week. They have recently speed bumped the chips, and made the price more attractive. I think the next revision will be probably jan next year like others have said, and I think they may do some of the following things: -no more backlit keyboard. Macbook style extended width on the 17". Which I don't want, i like the backlit. -glossy as the only option (which I don't want, hopefully they wouldn't do this) -catchless design, a la macbook, which would be good. LED backlit in the 17" model. I honestly can't think what else they might do, assuming they don't go weirdo touch panel multi-touch instead of trackpad, or anything bizarre, which i don't think they'd do, not yet. Heat wise, it's a good idea to pop activity monitor in the dock, right click and set it to open at login, then go into Accounts in system preferences, startup, and click hide... set the dock icon in activity mon to show CPU history. You'd be suprised how often some strage app like azureus has some weird code in it that starts eating CPU cycles for no reason, causing battery life to go down and heat to go up. These machines will run idle for normal use, and only get up there with video rendering/exporting/games/hidef movies etc. I like to keep an eye on what the CPUs doing.
  14. Very true! I think this is dumb on Microsofts part though. It would be much easier to sell XP at my work if people could buy it for $200 outright rather than way more than that because they were stupid enough not to get it when they bought the PC.
  15. You could, umm... download the DMG, burn to a disk on the PC as a pc type disc with the DMG just as afile, go into your local apple store with this disk and a blank DVD and burn it off there... hehehe. Seriously though, maybe find someone near you via this forum who can help you out with the loan of a disk or something. Or atleast ask the eBay guy for a copy if you haven't already. I feel your pain, you have a Macbrick Pro, and you need it to be a Macbook Pro!