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  1. Can you guys PLEASE tell me what finally made it work to you??
  2. Medieval 2: Total War trying to cider..

    Interesante, justo ando haciendo pruebas para hacer andar juegos con Cider sin ningún resultado. Quiero jugar al Mortal Kombat 4, pero necesito agregar valores al registro de windows, así que creo que no me va a funcionar. Y el Assassin's Creed hace que el Cider se quede colgado. De dónde bajan nuevas versiones de Cider? tengo la 5.2. Un abrazo
  3. Hello. First of all, I want to thank all the endless help this forum gave me, as I couldn't had become a Mac user without it. I'm using OSX 10.5 as my only OS since April 2009, and yesterday I did a step forward to 10.6. Its been a pain, an entire night without sleeping, almost 20 reinstalls from scratch, endless testings and a lot of reading. But its working, from the network connection (Atheros) to my video card (ATI Radeon HD4850). I just have a little concern: my "About this mac" looks just like in OSX 10.5, instead of black-backgrounded as it should: What could this be related to? The first time I installed this version, it did look blacky, but after so many reinstallations I can't see where did I do something that could have changed its behavior. Any clue?
  4. THANK YOUUUU it worked flawlessly to me
  5. dear jalavoui: which is the best way to get the 3945abg working with leopard? I'm really interested in supporting the project but I still get kernel panic with the kext..