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  1. i wouldnt say its a totally upgrade (from i7 > i5) you lose tri channel.
  2. Building a MacPro

    anyone tried to install only one memory riser card will it boot?
  3. Building a MacPro

    decided to built my 1st mac pro. wanted to bid a mac pro case off ebay and grab a macpro 2,1 logic board at dvwarehouse for $500+. hope they ship to asia country. Anyone bought anything from dvwarehouse before? how was the service?
  4. you do not have to remove the logic board, just remove the back fan, processor(s) , remove the 2 screw above the psu plate. and 4 screws bottom of the case. then push to the front, remove all the cables then its out.
  5. @lurscher You have 3 partitions on your hdd and i assume partition 1 and 2 is NTFS? so the 3rd one is for the leopard? So your hdd partition as MBR instead of GUID? i really recommend installing leopard on different hdd.
  6. i using p35 board also having the jmicron thing. i disabled in my bios coz i dun think i need that. I think the jmicron controller is to handle IDE ports. Since i only use SATA so i guess its not important for me.. Im not sure about others.
  7. Not only apply to p6t users. Asus Rampage II Extreme user also. both boards quite similar.. THX alot M J!
  8. u mean for front audio jack to work, in bios u just set to HDA audio instead of AC97? Am i correct? @ M J Is it possible to list/ share all the kexts you used on your EFI partition? I think it will work for P6T/Rampage2Ex user.
  9. i havent test that kext.. but thx greatly.. is there any pci-e x1 based sound card that works on osx?
  10. anyone has the ADI A2000B working on asus board?
  11. Hi guys! I've planned to upgrade my current system to i& as well after seeing so many success attempt to install OS X. Now im confused which motherboard should go for, personally, i really love the Asus Rampage Extreme x58 mobo coz it looks sexy but the ADI A2000B sound card seems worrying me. Although i can get a compatible PCI sound card but planned to setup a 2x 9800GT SLI build. I knew the Gigabyte ones does pretty well but don't quite like the board design and i like to stick with asus. So my question is, will the Asus board able to work as compatible as the gigabyte one? ignore the onboard sound as MJ still having the issue right now.
  12. has anyone buy parts or used mac from dvwarehouse.com before? how reliable there are?
  13. Hi, does everyone here can explain to me is it a G5 case from mid 2004 able to fit in ANY/ALL g5 logic boards that intro before year 2005? i have the case and planning to built a cheaper costs G5 because my country distance, i cant buy any ready-system from ebay. Thanks -vailance
  14. anyone here can tell me which kext should i put in the efi partition to get the built in keyboard and trackpad working on those notebooks eg HP dvxxx series? coz only usb keyboard and mouse working, but with leo4all dvd it works.. i dont know why..
  15. munky, i have everything works fine, but after i add in the gfx string into the boot plist it just wont boot into gui . from the log it stuck after the login window started. any idea? the gfx string im 100% sure its correct. If i remove it and it boot. Weird.