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  1. Philips SAA7130 TV Tuner

    lspci 05:02.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7133/SAA7135 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev d1) 05:02.0 0480: 1131:7133 (rev d1) Perhaps someone is able to fashion something from the info above. If I knew about any TV Tuner cards for Mac that uses any kind of Philips chip, and also knew how to do legacy kexts or EFI strings, I'd be right on it myself. And an additional idea: Maybe there's a generic kind of tv tuner driver for OS X that we could add our device IDs to? (Sorry if I'm replying to an too-old-of-a post btw, wasn't sure which is worst; starting a duplicate topic or replying to "outdated" ones)
  2. Which mouse do you use?

    I've found out later this is a pretty wide-spread problem http://www.adobeforums.com/webx?14@@.3bc3c251/0 (Even though the topic is about a drawing tablet and Photoshop CS3, some folks are reporting it happening outside of the application as well, just not equally severe, which is both problems I'm having. Also, I'm guessing the problem is present for them using a mouse, but most of the folks use a tablet most of the time)
  3. Which mouse do you use?

    Yup, I just tried an iMac in the Apple store in town today and it was the same. Unfortunatly I already use Steermouse but it's still jittery in Photoshop. It's slightly better in Painter but it's still there. It's just so damned weird that it goes from choppy to smooth when I move the cursor out of the document/canvas window. This should really be addressed by Apple, Adobe or whomever is to blame for this problem since Macs are supposed to be great video/sound/graphics/media stations and this really ruins part of it if you do the kind of work I do.
  4. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Photoshop CS3 runs fine - but cursor moves too irradically to be able to draw smooth/straight lines, do pixel-precise work etc. Once the cursor is outside of the document window though, it moves perfectly fine again. Update (May 15th 08): I tested Photoshop CS3 on a real Mac yesterday, and apparently this is just how it behaves... Too bad.
  5. Which mouse do you use?

    The bad mouse behavior some of us are experiencing is obviously not a bad choice of mice since they work flawlessly in Windows. This must either be a problem with OS X itself, for instance USB kernels or whatever, or a hackintosh-specific related issue, possibly display drivers/card (I'm using a Radeon HD 3870 with netkas latest drivers). I've never seen or tried a Mac in my entire life so I don't know how it's supposed to behave. For all I know this is how it's meant to be and some people just can't see it even though it's there. I'm using system.kext for kernel 9.2.2 and I'm about to downgrade it to 9.2.0 compatible version to see if this fixes the problem. (Update: no change)
  6. Great stuff, it worked like a charm for me! Another thing that might interest some people: I had the same problem when connecting my Panasonic NV-GS27 DV-cam to my Audigy 2 ZS firewire plug, only recognized if connected during boot etc, so I thought what the heck, let's try it for firewire too! I noticed through kextstat that a certain kext was loaded when the camera was connected at boot, namely the com.apple.iokit.IOFireWireAVC. So i used the same exact steps from your guide, made a user daemon named FWstarter and added the command kextload -b com.apple.iokit.IOFireWireAVC instead. Now I can hotplug my camera as well without any hassle! Thanks for inadvertently fixing both these problems for me, LioNEXT!
  7. So, I have a perfectly working Leopard 10.5.2 setup on my machine now finally. Settled down with lots of software, feeling real comfortable in the OS, but one thing is bugging me... Before I installed Paragon NTFS to get write access to my three NTFS/Windows drives they would all sleep after 10 minutes, just like OS X intends, which was quite nice since four drives makes quite the whine together. Now they are all spinning constantly no matter what I set it to in the system preferences, I even tried a few applications that were supposed to adjust the sleep timer individually for drives but none of them could see my NTFS drives. Anyone else have this "problem", anyone know of a solution, or will I just have to live with it if I want NTFS write access?
  8. Which mouse do you use?

    What's your hardware and what release you got? It may just be that you're one of the lucky ones that can't see past 30fps. I'm very sensetive to framerates and stuttering, I can tell whether a monitor is set to 60hz or 75hz by the movement of a mouse. For instance; I've heard stories told far and wide of people that thought Mass Effect ran smooth on the Xbox 360. For me, it was living hell
  9. System Profiler Crashes

    I found out what it was! *facepalm* I was right about the crashing and Core 2 Solo thing being caused by the same problem. I had forgotten to disable CPUID MAX in my BIOS after booting from XP before installing OSX... Now the System Profiler works perfectly and my CPU shows up as Duo.
  10. Yes I'd recommend SteerMouse over the drivers or USB Overdrive as well.
  11. Which mouse do you use?

    Logitech MX 518 I'm also experiencing some erratic behaviour. Even before I got SteerMouse to get rid of the annoying acceleration (and add working sidebuttons) I've had problems with the cursor randomly "jumping" a few pixles ahead of itself when I'm moving it. I'm fine with this when just doing everyday stuff but in Photoshop this is REALLY annoying when I do pixle-precise work. Also when I try to draw a "perfect" circle in Photoshop it will turn more out like a square-ish blob, must be some weird mouse axis curves under the OSX hood. Lastly, a problem I ONLY experience in Photoshop is the mouse appears to move with a much lower framerate than outside of the app, when I have tools that interact with the canvas selected. For instance when I select the marquee tool and move it about it's really laggy but the second I go outside the work area and the cursor turns into the regular mac cursor it moves perfectly smooth (except the few jumps as mentioned). When I use the magnifying tool however it doesn't lag... Just weird. Anywho, I've been considering buying a Mighty Mouse hoping it might help somehow, and I'd really like something that match the Aluminum Keyboard I just got.
  12. System Profiler Crashes

    Found a fix for it yet? I have the same problem, only it's on 10.5.2 (Kalyway, default installation) everything else works like a charm but when I try to start the System Profiler it just crashes. I don't get a report however when I click the report button. It's a minor issue (for now as I really don't need any hardware info at the moment) but if I could get this fixed I'd have a perfect install! Edit: May this be a kernel problem, and the reason my Duo only shows up as a Solo, same as in kumagaya's shots?