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  1. WTS: unlimited server space

    Emailed you.
  2. Alright, Thank so much. Found it on TPB.
  3. Okay, Let me get this straight. I install Leopard regularly, Nothing more than 10.5. Then When that's done I install the server packages. Now, That's where I loose you. Do I then download and install Leopard server or is there something on the Leopard disk that has the packages? I'm sorry for being a pain and a complete moron about this but I'm a long time Windows user so I'm completely lost.
  4. Can you recommend me a detailed guide? I dont mind doing it. I'm just still unsure on how to.
  5. Thanks so much weaksauce. The other method seams a little complex.
  6. Okay. I will try that. Thanks for the help.
  7. Okay, I'll try that. How do you reaplace the Installer packages? I'm a Noob at this.
  8. Spellings....

    Quite honestly, It never bothered me. I do use the correct spellings, Guess it's something that I dont worry about.
  9. Well, My whole family has made the plunge to get the mac and I'm the only one left so being me I want to do something with my old Windows Baised PC. I want to install Leopard Server on it, Why? I have no clue. I've got nothing else to do. Is there any possible way to do this? My specs are AMD Athlon 3800+ X2 64Bit 2GB Ram nVidia 7800GT If I can't then what are you recommendations for something that will let me do basically the same thing that Leopard server does? Thanks Also, I dont really care if I have to use an application like ParePC or something that allows it to run. I dont need to to be booted... Just running.