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  1. TSC sync XNU patch

    Apple decided to tease OSx86 crowd...
  2. TSC sync XNU patch

    10.6 sources are up. Has anyone tried SL on Dell yet? I will this weekend. Oops... Didn't noticed:
  3. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    You're welcome! I'm glad it helped.
  4. TSC sync XNU patch

    Try without this switch.
  5. TSC sync XNU patch

    You're right. This is not the right place for discussing our laptops. Let's move to PMs. I'll change my nick (strange, but it worked before).
  6. TSC sync XNU patch

    You're welcome! Ethernet i patched myself according the information found here. Thanks to all guys involved... I like D620, it's almost perfect. That's why i want to make it 99% working. For nVidia graphics that's very simple with the new Cameleon RC2. You need to remove all GFX strings from boot.plist AND remove all injectors; then put autodetection flag: GraphicsEnabler=Yes For me this works perfectly. Not everything, unfortunately. One thing more I want badly: to figure out how to enable AHCI. I know D620 supports this. But Dell decided to strip the switch from the BIOS (obviously because of peoples' complains about crashing Windows after they switch to AHCI to cut down service-calls amount ) I'll let You know if this succeeds.
  7. TSC sync XNU patch

    I'll check this right now and tell You. What exactly should I compare? UPD: Attached tsc info. Going to reboot and make a vanilla files. UPD2: Attached info for vanilla (with the second core disabled via CPU prefpane) and vanilla with "cpus=1" boot switch. Also, given a screenshots of the "CPU Prefpane" (that one, from X-Code package). TSC kernel: Vanilla: Vanilla with "cpus=1": tsc_ioreg.txt tsc_sysctl.txt vanilla_ioreg.txt vanilla_sysctl.txt vanilla_cpus1_ioreg.txt vanilla_cpus1_sysctl.txt
  8. TSC sync XNU patch

    Thank You for the answers, Cosmo1t! I was aware, that OS X takes the Mac model in the first place to decide how to act, not the CPU model. My Dell is set up as MacBookPro1,1 (as i have Yonah 1.67). So, before upgrade I was using vanilla PM and it worked just fine. Right now I use voodoopower to throttle CPU. However, IORegistryExplorer shows, that even with vanilla PM ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin has stepper-data available and PerformanceStateArray has three different states. But with vanilla PM my CPU runs always at full freq. But that's OK, voodoopower doing it's job right as it should. So, will learn how to make own kernel from the sources. Very interesting for noob like me. Thanks again! Good work, Leppy700M! (I mean Your tutorial for D620)
  9. TSC sync XNU patch

    Thanks Cosmo1t! UPD: Rapidshare gives me only 3Kb archive... UPD2: Safari bug. Got the file with Opera.
  10. TSC sync XNU patch

    10.5.8 sources are released!!!
  11. TSC sync XNU patch

    Didn't have those problems. All's fine (including sleep), except the kernel. Moreover, I removed all GFX strings and right now using the "autodetect" feature of the new Cameleon RC2. Yesterday has updated nVidia drivers from their website. Without 2-nd core it's hard to say about performance boost/degrade...
  12. TSC sync XNU patch

    Sources not available yet.
  13. TSC sync XNU patch

    Of course not. Vanilla 9.8 with the "cpus=1" switch.
  14. TSC sync XNU patch

    10.5.8 is out. Just upgraded without a trouble. Now – will wait for the 9.8 kernel. Thanks for all your work, guys!