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  1. guys, i have a D-Link DWA-131 REV.E, and i'm running macOS 10.3.3... no matter what kext i install, it works good, no kernel panics etc but the connection is always slow... it does not happens using usb tethering with a android device and the same network, just with the d-link usb adapter. i tried to change my router settings, but nothing .... any tip? thanks in advance
  2. MAU9550

    Help Installing High Sierra

    Help us to help you. You couldn't even manage to install the O.S, so the last thing you should be worried about now is WiFi. BIOS settings? Bootloader? Boot flags? Verbose? You need to be WAY more specific about each single step.
  3. MAU9550

    Is my hackintosh fully functional?

    Oh man, it works! (Keyboard brightness adjustment keys). I had to change some things on my display's settings, but it works. And now my Apple Keyboard USB Ports are working as it should, with the right power management. I feel sad coz' i tried to pay you a beer on PayPal but my account is brazilian and even with a international credit card the magic is not happening. Let me know if there's another way to donate A few last things to know: - What's the deal with that Nvidia patcher? Should i apply it every time i install or update their official drivers? - About the USB power management, it's all about that USBInjectAll.kext or should i patch something else in my config.plist? - My config.plist has changed for sure! It seems a lot of unused things were deleted. I'm kinda lost now, what exactly have you changed? I'm really sorry for taking your time with newbie stuff and asking a lot, but it's very important to me to learn and do it by myself next time, and of course, spread the knowledge. Thanks!
  4. MAU9550

    Is my hackintosh fully functional?

    Alright, MaLd0n, i did what you say. - Replaced my CLOVER folder with yours. - Installed "InsanelyMacWebDriver(OsxBuild_17C205)-378." - Rebooted - Patched the Nvidia Web Driver with the patch you posted. - Rebooted. I also ran that RunMe.app again and here is the generated files: Send me users-iMac(2).zip Again, i'd love to know what did you see in these files for the first time and what you're trying to improve on my hack, so i can learn. I'll be glad to pay you that beer after all Tks
  5. MAU9550

    Is my hackintosh fully functional?

    I'll do it after work and re-send you the files. Thank you, mate.
  6. MAU9550

    Is my hackintosh fully functional?

    Thanks for the fast replying and help, MaLd0n. I'll do it tonight. Could you tell me what did you notice with my files and what's going to be changed? It would be very helpful for learning purposes. By the way, you mean Nvidia Web Drivers? I've been told it's not working properly with 10.3.3, that's why I didn't install it yet. Whatever, I'll follow your advices.
  7. MAU9550

    Is my hackintosh fully functional?

    there it goes. thanks. Send me users-iMac.zip
  8. Guys, i'll be honest right here: my question may (and probably) sound stupid, but i feel i gotta ask, haha: What should i check to know if my hack is fully functional as it should? What do you guys check to know yours is working as it should? This question crossed my mind a few days ago and i'm gonna tell why. First of all, here is my hack specs: Intel i5 4690 3.5ghz Gigabyte H97M-D3H 8GB RAM DDR3 1333mhz GTX760 2GB RAM GDDR5 SSD 120GB Corsair LS HDD 1TB Seagate D-Link DWA-131 Rev.E WiFi Dongle MacOS High Sierra 10.3.3 Installation and pos-installation: - all that BIOS settings we all know. - createmediainstall with a official AppStore DMG + latest Clover (--converttoapfs NO via terminal) (everything went fine, not a single bootflag had to be set in order to install or boot) - latest Clover - ALC892 kext - latest FakeSMC - Nvidia official drivers - SSD Trim enabled via terminal - updated everything via AppStore What i know so far about my own hack: - boot. OK - shutdown, restart, sleep, wake up. OK - audio (including after wake up from sleep). OK - AppStore. OK - Internet access. OK - USB ports. OK, but is it working as it should? So far i did not experienced considerable freezes, no crashes or kernel panics at all. What does not work: - iMessage, FaceTime and AirDrop. (I'm not concerned, i know iMessage and FaceTime could be easily fixed and i know it does not work due to my WiFi dongle, same about AirDrop. I bought a BCM943602CS adapter from China, it didn't arrive yet but it's on the way and it should work out of box so far i know.) - Brightness adjustment keys on Apple keyboard, probably due my AOC screen, but i don't mind. - Apple wired keyboard USB ports doesn't work, OS always says it needs more power. Not a big deal, it seems to be annoying Apple customers as well but what does bother me is: it is not working because it's lame anyway or it's something about usb power management? So how can i know if everything else is fully working as it should? PowerManagement, Audio, USB and SSD speeds etc. I didn't have a DSDT, should i? That's it... I'm really sorry if i'm being stupid. Thanks in advance, best regards from Brazil.
  9. MAU9550

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    guys, i'm lost. any help, pls? what i did: > 10.12.3 fresh install > post-install, ok, with latest clover > enrolled the device and downloaded the 10.13 developer preview dmg from appstore > rebooted and selected the installer on the clover's gui > it stays on the apple loading screen for something like 10 minutes and then white screen with no mouse arrow or circle. tried nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=0, maxmem=4096, nothing works tried again in verbose mode and the last thing shown before white screen was something like "kextd stall AppleCPUID"... i know i'm probably doing something really wrong, haha, i'm sorry for that, but i'm very new to this. thanks in advance i5 4690 | Gigabyte H97M-3DH | GTX 760 2GB |
  10. MAU9550

    Apple unveils "macOS High Sierra"

    what can we hackintoshers expect from the new O.S?