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  1. Hi Bronya great work¡¡¡¡ i admire all the great hackintoshers as you...i have a question about your kernel, the enoch bootloader cant find it even as root or in S/L/E in fact when i copy it to replace the old kernel, it just copy to the directory, but i have to files named kernel...and nothing is replaced...as iif it were invisible or...something like that...sorry for my bad english, and my poor knowledge about Hackintosh...i am installing el capitan on amd 8350 fx cpu...all goes wel on installation but when the wellcome screen comes i have not mouse pointer...i ve been testing with many other kernels and usb fix v1,2,3, but nothing..i when i want to test your kernel the bootloader doesnt find it in any place and even if i write it as flag xxxx_kernel if i named it as ia want it in root...i had alwalys boot in that way with no problems...but your kernel is like invisible ...jajajjaja...sorry for my stupid confusion...could you helpme please....¡¡¡¡¡
  2. ozomatzinboy

    Clover and AMD CPU

    Hi Roidm, coul you please explain how you use clover uefi with amd kernels??? i am trying to do that,...or coul yo please post the clover config plist and all the efi clover folder in your usb installer...and some instructions...there is no info...i think you are one of the onlys with such a success...thanks a lot Roidm...sorry for my bad english...saludos desde México¡¡¡
  3. ozomatzinboy

    phenom only one core in lawless pc

    thanks a lot sammaz i will check and surely it is as you say...great help from you thanks again... other question do you know how to activate a laptop keyboard i hav iatkos v5 in a gateway m6811 everything works fine but no keyboard and not sound i have used acpipps2nub with no succes... thanks a lot sammaz
  4. ozomatzinboy

    hp compaq nx6125 sound problem fixed!

    thanks xdarkmasterx for your value help ive downloaded your kext and for sure it will work...have you instlled the ati m 200 with qeci in yourt nx6125? could you help me with it? thanks a lot¡¡¡
  5. hi friends and congratulations to everybody for being alternative hackintoshers...well my english is not god i am mexican, well does anybody knows how to activate the foru cores of phenom ,....i am using lawles pc hack 10.5.4 and it only recognizes 1 core...thanks in d¿advance and happiness to all this great comunity¡¡¡ msi mobo, phenom black 2.6ghz 2x2gb ram 800mhz
  6. ozomatzinboy

    anyone with Acer Aspire 4520(AMD)

    hi friends, has somebody installed the graphics in the 4520, i am trying with the nvinject with no succes, however i ve audio with an external cheap uca 200 frombehringer and the wifi is a mijoya usb external wireless, ..i hope this to be usefull ... well good luck to everyone and congratulations to Eddie with his leo4all ...i ve used v2 , cause v3 crashes beagining the installtion process... saludos desde Mexicvo to the insanelymac comunity... ,
  7. ozomatzinboy

    Audio USB para Logic Pro

    Hola Macoff: Y bueno saludos a todos los hackintosheros duena onda del foro...yo tengo una firewire 1814 trabajando a la perfeccion con logic pro latencia super (0) trabajo con sintes virtuales del logic y procesadores a mi guitarra directos con el guitar amp y tres sintes virtuales además de reverbs el platinum por ejemplo, ...todo corre de maravilla...el sonido de lo core está estudpendo con los driver de la m-audio...con respecto a tu trarjeta pcmcia es combo? es decir maneja firewire y usb, porque si es así el probelma radica en eso ...consigue una solo firewire...m-aduio recomiendo solo con chip texas instruments, pero eso es pura basura, puede tener chip via o algún otro, ...también sería bueno que hicieras la prueba en una acer con el firewire integrado han salido unos nuevos ,modelos bastante chidos con el firewire integrado...pero eso ya es más extemo, checa antes de ambiar por interface usb la pcmcia que sea solo firewire...mi configuración es: athlon 64x2 5200 4gigas de ram hackintosh tubegirl 10.4.10 tiger y m-audio fw1814...espero te sea de utilidad esto y a todos gracias por sus posts que tanto ayudan larga vida al hackintosh¡¡¡¡¡
  8. ozomatzinboy

    AMD, Dell, HP & Intel Apple Logos

    your logos are great Willowheaven, thanks a lot , my wallpaper is now in my "amdintosh", and thanks to all the great hackers masters in aour cyber life¡¡¡¡ long live hackintosh¡¡¡¡