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  1. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    Apple Gives Developers New iMacs; Implements EFI

    I agree with unixguru that EFI could spell the end of installing later OSes on our current mashed x86 machines. My hope is that the new Universal Apps will run on my Thinkpad. Seems the development of Universal binaries by March is more news than the new box and laptop. Mac hardware has been less then stellar (30% failure of imac 20" g5s, 10% for g5 towers) for the past five years, lets hope that changes. Wish they went AMD, anyone else?
  2. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    weaselslayer i'm not sure why you need istumbler maybe because you are adding that 80211 kext. i recommend leaving the kexts alone if you are running the 1450 (as for my built-in ethernet, its working (intel) but i did have to drop my built-in ethernet down to 10 mbs half duplex to get it to work) i would say check the mac address on your built-in ethernet to be sure its not your truemobile being detected as the built-in by accident. i remember another post where someone had a broadcom based wireless running by tricking the os into thinking it was the built-in ethernet. maybe thats happening on your machine and you don't want it to. . .. ps--i've added the 1450 to the 10.4.3 hcl wiki
  3. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    f1r3f1ght3r was totally right!! you rock f1r3f1ght3r!! dell truemobile 1450 works like a charm on 128bit WEP too. i dont recommend following my earlier post with the ebay link cause it took 2 weeks for the card to arrive .. .. but the price was good and i'm in safari right now just to recap: confirming f1r3f1ght3r and seconding weasel slayer's findings i've got 1450 (broadcom 4309) working no problem in 099 10.4.3 build this is on thinkpad a31 p4 1.6ghz (hold the celery this one's for take out!) native under airport card in sys prefs it says: AirPort Card Information: Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme Wireless Card Locale: USA Wireless Card Firmware Version: 100.2 (3.120.x) Current Wireless Network: NEWMEDIA Wireless Channel: 6
  4. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    ringdata you are talking about bios level issue i think. the broadcom chip i've got now works great in windows xp, i imagine it would have worked in 10.4.1 with darwin kext but i went straight to 10.4.3 on the laptop. weaselslayer, i've got broadcom 4306, truemobile 1450 is 4309 as far as i can tell, ive got the feeling that maybe an info.plist edit might get it working too. im gonna try messing about. watch out for peanut butter prayers to maxxuss and jas and those workin hard for a stable 111a patch, rock it!!
  5. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    What network cards work?

    Ok scratch that last bit, I am an idiot at times, turns out you really want those digits to stay as '0', what does work is this: Go into System Preferences Go to Network Built in Ethernet Then Ethernet Tab Change the Mode to Half duplex 10MBs Click on Apply Now Enjoy Intel 82557 Chip on Thinkpad A31 running 10.4.3 099 build native.
  6. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    What network cards work?

    This one is for Fuzzlet. . . . I was kinda mad after I installed 10.4.3 on my Thinkpad A31 and the Intel 82557 wouldn't work. Not too mention the upgraded Broadcom wireless, but thats another topic . . . .So I went looking about and saw you had the same frustration. I tried a lot of things, then I went into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist and took a look to see what was going on. I was going to specify my IP in here cause I thought it wasn't reading what I did in System Preferences, but the IP and all was right. I checked under <key>HTTPEnable</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>HTTPSEnable</key> <integer>0</integer> and saw those zeroes and thought that was weird. Switched them to 1's and here I am the forum. Of course you should save the preferences file to the Desktop then copy to that folder to authenticate and replace the other file, I haven't rebooted but its working. . .. .. .
  7. Celery 2.39ghz w/PB and Firewire

    10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    Well I hope that f1r3f1ght3r is right and the 1450 works. I just jumped the gun and picked one up off of ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Dell-Truemobile-1450-M...1QQcmdZViewItem $35 shipped Priority mail. Im hoping this will work on my Thinkpad. As it is now I've got an upgraded Broadcom 4306 based B/G miniPCI, does NOT work with 10.4.3 build 1099. Off topic I might add that I ran Mac Office and Adobe Suite on my Celery Tower today ;].. . .same build