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  1. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    Hey everyone! Good to see some progress! Right, i found a tool called ATITool website - http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/ It claims it can Extract video card BIOS to file for backup purposes. On another website - nvFlash http://downloads.guru3d.com/nvFlash-v5.63-...nload-1862.html Can also save the nVidia Bios I typed Physical connectors layout on google - unsure what to do. Edit: For me those didn't work - instead i used GPU-Z 0.3.4 which saves the Video Bios as a .bin file, easy to do and doesn't require any installation or command lines It also provides lots of information about the video card. I now have a .bin file, is this a Dump of the Video Bios??? or am i on the wrong track...
  2. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    There has been progress Blackshore, however unfortunately having QE/CI on an external display was always possible with Vaio Laptops
  3. XFire

    cannot connect to wifi

    Webcam.. no idea, probably a kext file for that just like Windows needs drivers so does a Mac, for your resolution problem you may need extra Ati Mobility drivers so that you can change the resolution in the settings.. search around for these is probably best Your wifi will not work for a while, that card is currently not supported yet but there will eventually be development on the card once more basic cards have been supported
  4. Each time i startup i get "sleepimage has garbage" , "hibernate failed" thus meaning that if i try and hibernate and close my laptop lid, when i restart (press power button) it starts but all i get is a black screen. Any ways to solve this?
  5. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    I don't think NVCAP matters yet, I've followed other guides (before realising that Vaio actually didn't work at all.. yet.) and changed the NVCAP values and also some other values to try and get it to recognise the LCD, never happened. Best hope is Epitorus.
  6. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    QE should say supported if its working, and yes i do think it needs OpenGL to work as well, and CI should not say software. And yes, it will eventually be possible to work.. hopefully
  7. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    Yep screen resolution can be changed, mine is set to the correct resolution that i should have, but of course the problem still remains with no graphics acceleration, thus QE/CI not working
  8. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    Yep, exactly the reason, its the exact same for me or any other Vaio user with ANY nVidia driver, except those who have the SZ series... They have something called a Stamina/Speed switch which allows then to change from the Intel Graphics Media Acceleration which is integrated graphics in the chipset, use that and you get QE/CI etc... but that's only for those who have that, otherwise Nope.. So yep, a lotta vaio users are affected by this problem, unfortunately i don't have money.. or enough skills/time to do the work Though i can do some tests if a driver is released =D
  9. XFire

    Restart Screen

    I get the same sort of problem, sometimes i recieve not a Restart Screen but just a Voodoo 9.5.0 Kernel Panic screen forcing me to Power Down and restart... I think that for me it just happens unfortunately at random times.
  10. Thanks, yep got it working fine now, using iPC as in my sig
  11. Check the Wiki Compatability List, lists computers/hardware that work and don't work.
  12. XFire

    Continual reboot - newbie

    For me, installing Video and Wifi (or just one on its own) caused some sort of problem which stopped me from finishing booting.. Your quick restart confuses me, however sometimes, especially video drivers, cause kernel panics leading to a reboot. Maybe reinstall this time only choosing Absolutely Necessary drivers, ie Chipset and some fixes for your system, otherwise leave other items. It took me about 6 reinstalls to actually get my install to boot due to these driver problems. Good luck.
  13. You might want to try the Chain0 method.. google and wiki are your friend, just requires a simple download of the file and editing the boot.ini file in Win XP.. I set it up the Chain0 method first and then used my install DVD (iPC 10.5.6), installed etc then on restart used Paragon Hard Disk Manager CD to make Win XP partition Active and Mac partition inactive. Then restart, woot, i have an option of booting into Mac OSX and Win XP, choose one and boot. Then to change the booting time just edit the boot ini file in Win XP, simple.
  14. XFire

    Some tracks for VAIO display support

    Just like to say good luck to all of you! Hope you peeps succeed and bring graphics hope to all Vaio users