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  1. Disconnect your hard disk drives. Then, you should be able to boot from USB Drive.
  2. Airtunes not working! Can anyone help?

    Turn off IPv6 for your network Card. Here is how: System Preference >> Network >> Highlight your network card on the left sidebar >> Click on "Advanced" on the right side>> Click on the TCP/IP tab>> Set "Configure IPv6" to "Off" Click "OK" to close window Click "Apply"
  3. Make bootable USB from DMG on Windows

    Transmac for Windows (2-week trial) can format USB drives for mac and restore .dmg files to USB drives. Download Transmac and install in Windows In the right-side panel of Transmac, right click on your USB Drive >> Format Disk >> Format with Disk Image (see attached screenshot) Point to your .dmg file and click Open.
  4. I second this request. Please let us know which devices work and which ones do not. I gave up on my Vostro 400 a long time ago because I could not get shutdown to work properly (not sure if it was related to my 8800GT video card drivers or not). If shutdown/restart/sleep are working properly, I will give it a second shot even if I have to replace my 8800GT card. Also, any chances you would provide us with your DSDT file so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel, or is that specific to your device IDs? Thanks for a great guide, BTW! You have restored hope in my Vostro to see the light again.
  5. Yet another sleep and shutdown thread

    Are you using Taruga's Audio Installer? Reportedly they mess up proper shutdown. You can rule this out by deleting AppleHDA.kext from the Extensions Folder and then rebooting. make sure you back up first. If shutdown works, sound will work no more, but at least now you know your audio drivers are messing up with your power management. You can get your audio back by reinstalling your AppleHDA.kext (which will mess shutdown, again). In this case, you decide which is more important to you, shutdown, or audio (at least until Taruga finds us a fix). Please keep us updated.