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  1. Hello, please kindly explain me te solution with the extender cable. I already have the bcm94360 card and the adapter. I luckily have the problem that only BT part is working as I got only two PCIe x16 slots... You mean that using PCIe x1 extender cable in x16 slot will do the trick? Or do I have any other solution without ordering other adapter? Thanks and Regards m.
  2. Gigabyte Nvidia GT 220 / adding 1920x1080 VESA mode to bios

    Hi guys, so I managed this "my way" as Resolution.dylib tip from you did not work and patching the bios was also not successfull from my side... After searching around the forum... 1. I used Nibitor to modify my GT220 bios in Boot Settings, I have checked "Non-Native Panel Control" and flashed it via nvflash 2. Then I modified this theme a bit http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34515463/Leopard_Server.zip to have black background. This theme looks like Mac login screen with black backgound, I also have to use non-legacy apple boot picture from this theme 3. I also modified chameleon apple boot to have black background instead of grey with: sudo - s perl -pi.bak -e 's;\xff\xff\xff\xbf\xbf\xbf;\xff\xff\xff\x00\x00\x00;g' boot Finaly I have beautiful boot till the system starts with 1920x1080 resolution Small disadvantages: 1. bios post and bios settings is small 640x480 and centered in the screen (but trully how ofthen do I go to bios?) 2. Theme is still not in 1920x1080 it is my VESA max 1280x1024 (but is 1:1 pixel and centered in the screen without any bars) 3. I cannot see circle progress icon on apple boot Maybe this could be usefull somehow for someone... Bye
  3. Gigabyte Nvidia GT 220 / adding 1920x1080 VESA mode to bios

    Hi, no one tried to fix this already? I tried method described here (replaced 32 bytes with Hexfiend and had no luck :-( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=211294&st=0
  4. Hello friends, tried to find how can I add native VESA mode to my GT 220. But do not know the HEX coding. Got this card working very nice in my hack but this is missing. I tried Graphics Mode in boot.plist, changing also theme.plist none is working as because my card do not have 1920x1080 mode. I would like to have native resolution right from the from bootloader... Can someone help me modify my bios to 1920x1080 mode? http://dl.dropbox.co...15463/GT216.rom will send any other info from my system. Thank you,

    Thank you... but how to get that kext? From Install DVD? Using Win + Macdrive or what? I think i have answered myself :-)))))

    Hi all, I have succsesfully installed Zephy 10.5.2 AMD on my Hack... Everything is workin perfect... sound (ALC889A kexts) Radeon HD 3850 (with QE, CI + white menu fix) so thank you thank you thank you but little (or big) problem after install my DVD drive dissappeared :-( so I am not able to read any CDs or DVDs on my "working" system... Anybody can help me? Pls my system: A64X2 5000+, ATI HD3850 512 MB, MB Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H, 2GB RAM, 2x SATA HDD, 1x ATA DVD RW using TOH 9.2.0 and PC EFI v8 (MBR)