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  1. flipezzz

    The NSPanel Thread

    Can someone please re-upload the iCal HUD in this topic? Looks like I'm not the only one who is searching for it
  2. flipezzz

    The NSPanel Thread

    Can somebody re-upload the ICal HUD please? Thanks in advance!
  3. flipezzz

    Need testers for NVCAP decoding

    Hi, maybe I can still help? I got a 8600M GT 512mb GDDR2 notebook (Zepto) and I generated a few NVCAP values by NVCAP maker. I created a bios rom from my own videocard, but NVCAP maker doesn't create a NVCAP value, so I searched online for similair video bios roms. I found the Video Bios Collection from TechPowerUp.com, where several 8600M GT 512 roms where located. I downloaded a few of them, converted the .bin extension with NiBiTor (windows) to .rom, so NVCAP maker could read them. My notebook has ofcource a internal screen, but it looks like it is connected trough an internal DVI port, because my Windows Nvidia says it's 'digital' (dvi?), but it doesn't matter what kind of NVCAP i insert, he always works. The NVCAP only effects (and crash/black screen boot) my external VGA output, when I connected my external VGA LCD display. But none of the NVCAP so far are working. - By the way, is it somehow better or difference to connect the external monitor before booting, or HOTPLUG it and click on 'detect displays'? - Is it possible to see in a NVCAP value it is designed for a external DVI port OR VGA port? That would save me allot of rebooting and plist editting. Thanks in advance
  4. flipezzz

    Airport being detected as Ethernet

    How did you fix it? Because I have a Dlink DWL-G122 usb adapter and it is also reconized as an ethernet instead of an airport. I really need this to be fixed because for my wireless on my school I need to fill something in under the 802.11x page, but there is somethinh missing what is only availble with Airport detected adapters. I tryed the things above, but after the permission repair and restart all values are resetted to the orignal ones. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I got my D-Link DWL-G122 working on my Zepto notebook. It is de DWL-G122 Rev B1 and F/W 1.00. - First I installed the "USB (RT2870)" driver from http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html . The DWL-G122 has the RT2500 chip, but accedently I installed this one. The USB WirelessUtility was opening when inserting the G122. But no device was found. - I installed the "Ralink Wireless Drivers.mpkg" found on this topic. - Repaired all permission with the Disk Utillity After that it worked!!!
  6. flipezzz

    Broadcom BCM 5787M NIC in HP 6701b notebook

    Bumb Anyone out here who got the 5787 already working?
  7. flipezzz

    Please Help! LAN Broadcom BCM5787

    I got a Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet (1693) in my notebook (zepto). So I'm interested too.