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  1. Hi I have this configuration Intel DX58SO, Core i7 920, nvidia GeForce GTX285, trying to install hackintosh on a totally separate hard drive, only with it inserted, using busratio=20 on install start but installer stalls, what release should I use? And also if you know the best settings for all the setings in bios if someone has the time to tell me theirs. Thank you very much for the help, it is kind of urgent because of the need to use Final Cut for an exam. Thanks again, hope someone will see my question.
  2. I have a PowerColor Radeon HD2600 Pro 512Mb video card P5GPL-X Asus motherboard and Leopard 10.5.1 when i try the drivers from #radeonHD i get: Installing the package that is in hd_2600-2900_driver.zip of 1,19 MB then upgrading the gl kext, repairing permissions, erasing kext caches and then restart...voila! dual monitor + QE support + multiple resolutions resolves the video card issues but now my sistem hangs very often...what can i do? I get the Your computer needs to restart...press restart.... what can i do? Thank you comunity!
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