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  1. Instead of installing a linux VM, I used Plop boot manager, here are the details: Download the distribution from http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html latest at the time of writing was 5.0.14 Unzip, you'll find an iso file inside (in my version plpbt.iso) Use this as the CD-ROM in your virtual machine Change boot order to boot from CD-ROM first When Plop manager appears select the partition you want to boot Enjoy!
  2. Problems with Build 8F1111 Install

    DSI, thnx a million, i mean it.. sorry for pushing it too much, but i need to understand what each patch resolves and where can i find out if my processor supports a certain feature. Thanks again
  3. Problems with Build 8F1111 Install

    I did exactly like you said, but still i get the this hardware is not supported message upon boot, that's in vmware.. and i'm not using the iso in vmware.. i'm mounting it using alcohol then pointing vmware to that mounted drive. can you please be more detailed i feel i might be doing something wrong.
  4. Problems with Build 8F1111 Install

    thanks dsi.. but which patches do i install? i remember someone saying that 2 of them are not needed, i have cpuid, nonx, rtc, sse3 emulation and sse3 patch which of them should i use? also should i patch the mach_kernel.orig and re-insert in the iso or patch the iso and patch-o-matic will do the rest?
  5. Problems with Build 8F1111 Install

    People, i've read all posts about installation and all wikis and I can't do it! Please Help! Between the different versions and the different patches and the lack of proper images, I successfully installed the 10.4.1 build on my IBM T41 Laptop w/o wireless, but the image i downloaded for it was already patched. Now I have an original 10.4.3 8f1111 dmg image and the patches from maxxuss' site b4 they were removed. Would anyone please point me to a reliable Walkthrough of the patching process (coding ok). Also how to update to 8f1111A and the URL of the update file.