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  1. Some of the distros can cause more problems than they're worth (SnowOSX for me, for example). Nor are distros the fool-proof solution--sometimes you have to do more homework and more hacking to get them to work. Not to mention that depending on your hardware, some distros are literally hit-and-miss. Do they have their place? Absolutely. I myself use distros, but even still there's quite a bit of legwork to be done, and I already know my machine is rather picky when it comes to install discs--have not managed to get my Snow retail to boot even with EmpireEFI, custom boot-132, etc. Of course, I don't have full control and cannot exactly make my OS X install to my whims. For that reason I too recommend that if you look at the specs of your rig and see that it comes close to what another community member has already established with a retail install, I'd say try the retail install first. As for the comment that said that nobody is making Snow distros--last I heard, uphuck's team is working on iKaros, Hazard just put out something, and SnowOSX has been out there for a while. And, don't forget, the easiest way to get Snow running is to simply purchase a Mac capable of running it...
  2. milmacman

    Help with this kernel panic

    OK, as an update, I've been able to get Hazard's version installed (and then had to use MyHack). It appears to work, though I've had to restart a few times because of panics left and right with the chocolate_kernel. It'd be nice to be able to have a solid boot/reboot when it's necessary.
  3. milmacman

    My collection of Apple Betas/Classics

    I've also found Rhapsody DR2 (x86) in my piles of stuff, it works on Parallels, but there is no colour.
  4. milmacman

    Help with this kernel panic

    I've received the same problems--been trying the 3.6a version of SnowOSX (I've had no luck at all getting my own copy of Snow to boot). My rig has a Pentium D 820, thereby necessitating a patched kernel (my 10.5.8 setup is running with the Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel). As an interesting side-note, I've had problems getting the "legacy" 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 kernels running. I've tried the following kernels: 10.2.0 AMD 10.2.0 Legacy 10.0.0 modbin test7 along with the following options: -v (always use that) -F (doesn't matter) -s (still panics) -x (still panics) arch=i386 (doesn't make a difference) cpus=1 (again, this doesn't matter either) I cannot get Snow to boot. Unfortunately, my cell doesn't take a very good pic of the kernel panic, so there's no image available. However, in all cases, it panics right after "mig_table_max_displ=73" It's pretty frustrating, because I've been trying (on and off) for the past couple of months to get Snow working. Granted, my machine is almost three years old and I'm starting to think that perhaps 10.5.8 is as high as my current rig will go. Yet, I see the HCL 10.6.0 listing my mobo (Asus P5LP-LE) as working. Will probably try Hazard's version, if that fails, I'm probably inclined to give up and wait to get a better machine.
  5. milmacman

    Rhapsody DR2 on Parallels?

    Did you ever get it running? I just got DR2 running in Parallels--though the beachball will spin for quite a while.
  6. milmacman

    My collection of Apple Betas/Classics

    Any idea if Copland, System 7, or OS 8 betas would work in emulation (i.e. vMac, Basilisk II, or SheepShaver)? Also, if the links are still active, would you be kind to PM? I'd like to try them out. I'm also certain I could perhaps find another old Mac to replace my rapidly-falling-apart Quadra and my WallStreet II. Edit: I've found OS 8.2d8 (works in SheepShaver, but the system itself is rather buggy), still looking for 8.7a6c2... Thanks!
  7. milmacman

    Snow Leopard Distros

    I would second the call for a distro. True, installing via Boot-132/Retail would be the preferred route, and as more and more Intel and AMD PCs are capable of running close to (if not actually) a vanilla install, the need for distros is naturally going to decrease. My take is that if you can successfully install Snow from a retail disc that you've bought, that's the best option as: a.) you have total control over the system, b.) you can learn a great deal more about operating systems, and the workings of Mac OS X in particular, and c.) you support Apple by doing so and ensuring they get their cut However, there remains the issue of people with slightly older hardware (like myself), as well as people who don't have a lot of time to custom-construct a retail install from scratch. Further, not all of us who use a distro are absolute "n00bs," some of us have systems that require a lot of patching, modified kernels, usage of modified kexts and drivers, etc. For people in these situations, a distro is a godsend as it effectively streamlines the process for the end-user and also increases the chance of a successful install, thereby getting more people running OS X. To this end, I am aware that SnowOSX has already been out, and uphuck's team has iKaros in the works. True, distros do require some homework--one needs to be at least somewhat computer-savvy with the hardware installed on their rig, and what it's capable of (e.g. one needs to know what their processor supports--SSE2 vs. SSE3 vs. Core vs. AMD vs. 32/64-bit, ensuring their BIOS supports AHCI, their ethernet, audio, and video cards, optical media, printer drivers--the list goes on). I realise that just as Apple has cut off PowerPC support with Snow (either be content with Leo or replace the old Mac with an Intel), so I see the OSx86 movement will one day end up drawing a line between what works and what is simply too obsolete to run the latest-and-greatest. For example, I do think that SSE2 support is eventually going to subside, and eventually, modifications for pre-Core processors. Perhaps we are slowly reaching that point as more and more of us are (or will soon) be running systems more capable of Retail install. I would like to, though I have not been successful with retail install, nor with SnowOSX. In addition, I do realise compiling a distro and ensuring it works universally is a long and difficult process--and those that do put them out deserve literally tons of credit and thanks. So, in summation I would say we shouldn't knock those of us who are asking for a distro, as many of us have a good reason to (and still buy copies of OS X and other Apple goodies). Rather, we ought to recognise that not everyone who wants a Snow distro is a total newbie who wants to appear like a "wanna-be" geek, but that there are OSx86 users (and I would imagine quite a few power-users as myself) who have valid reasons for using a distro.
  8. milmacman

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Sounds like it might work, though I'll note that I've tried doing that, and still no joy. Granted I'm running iDeneb on a nearly 3-year-old machine (and trying hard to save up for a newer machine, if not an actual Mac). I'll give it another go this weekend if I get the chance. I can also provide my dsdt.dsl and a DSDT.aml from Ubuntu 8 upon request, if anyone might find that useful.
  9. milmacman

    Run problems with Snow Leopard

    I haven't had much of an opportunity to look at Snow Leopard, but I have tried yet another DSDT made via Ubuntu, and still no luck. Nor has SnowOSX helped--I have the same issue. So, at least right now it doesn't matter if I try installing with that distro or by using a retail method. Perhaps my machine might be a little too old to run Snow, though if SSE2 kernels are still being created, that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Though, does anyone know if a Leopard kext would work? More importantly, could I simply transplant my ethernet/audio kexts from Leo and run the appropriate Installer packages (as I had to install them after iDeneb was installed) into Snow?
  10. milmacman

    Run problems with Snow Leopard

    Update: the startup in verbose mode appears to time out when it goes to detect the LAN, and does not continue. Like I said in my previous post, suspect a bad DSDT...
  11. dsdtproblem.zipdsdtproblem.zip[Not 100% sure where to put this--mods, if there's a better place, please move. Thanks!] OK, so I've been able to install Snow off of Prasys' guide, and I can get it to boot--that is up to the point that it hangs on detecting the LAN hardware (27dc8086). I suspect the problem is in a DSDT.aml, but so far, I can neither seem to re-compile a clean DSDT nor fix the current problems. Further, I'm thinking the DSDT is somehow corrupt and unable to recognise the LAN (thus causing the boot problem). This morning, I did manage to pull a new DSDT.aml under Ubuntu (this is attached here). I do know that the Local0 can be fixed (that much I've figured out with DSDTSE), but I still have problems around line 579, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Have tried everything--still no joy. It's in a ZIP file--if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction to successfully compile it, I'd be ever grateful...
  12. milmacman

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    I've been having a major problem with Betas 4 and 5: both actually delete the dsdt.aml (and when I go to input a dsdt.dsl) file, and then complain that the program cannot find the file. Running Windows XP, and near my wits' end to produce a working DSDT for my system.
  13. OK, but will this work for the server packages? Running JaS 10.5.4 Server, cannot run vanilla kernel (Pentium D 820 processor). Would like to safely upgrade to 10.5.5 if that is possible. It would probably work for the regular flavours (e.g. Kalyway, iATKOS) on my machine, but the server is probably going to be thrown off. Any ideas would be appreciated...
  14. Hmmm. Let me snag the demo for OS X and see if I can give it a whirl...
  15. milmacman

    Trouble shooting for my Ipod touch

    <br /><br /><br /> Hmmm. I have the same issue, except I had Firmware 2.0 (5a347) running on it. I cannot restore anything at all, and I have tried it on Windows and Mac with 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 2.0, and the firmwares Pwned with both versions of PwnageTool. Nada.