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  1. Cannot correct Model Identifier = MacPro3,1

    I think that’s just the default one if osx cant decide on one what i want to know is why my comp gets picked up as macpro 2,1 when i put 3,1 info, and why the ram info isnt applied either
  2. Cannot correct Model Identifier = MacPro3,1

    Anyone think they could share a macpro3,1 boot.plist? No matter what i do, my plist options arent applied, i get this
  3. http://rakundo.blogspot.com/ I made it with safari in mind, cause people who use firefox on a mac suck (not really, but firefox doesn’t support text shadow well right now) I feature mac works, release some of my mac works, and post about things that are vaguely mac related. I spent about a month coding the layout, so any feed back on it would be appreciated. Also, if you like it, please book mark it and leave a comment Thanks Rhyguy/Rakundo
  4. He was being sarcastic:P
  5. But people didnt have to pay for the 2.0 upgrade if they were smart
  6. Make sure you check out my other shots in my gallery
  7. Make it your self Its NFR, so its Not For Release
  8. Is there away i can use my hacked itunes binary with quicktime 7.6?
  9. http://rhyguy.deviantart.com/art/Restartr-112078833
  10. i have an applescript that goes something like this do shell script "rm -r /System/Library/File1" with administrator privileges do shell script "cp File2 /System/Library/File1" with administrator privileges but i want to replace file 2 with a file that i drag on to the application how can i do this? (in apple script or automater)
  11. http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16793121