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  1. Appletechy

    AppleACPICPU kext stalling. Where to start?

    I am currently just use the FakeSMC kext. Good idea though I’ll try giving a nullcpumanagment a go.
  2. I tried installing the latest mojave beta on a test external ssd drive. This drive is bootable to 10.13.5 and is an exact copy of my “everyday drive” so I know my clover install is stable. However I can’t seem to get into the Mojave Installer. It’s hanging in an AppleACPICPU Kext install. I have installed a custom SSDT for power management and am dropping OEM. I have a Intel i7-3770 and a R9 280. I had also followed this guide https://hackintosher.com/guides/fix-rendering-issues-fcpx-high-sierra/ to try and fix some of my graphics issues. Anyone have any ideas on where I should start with the issue? I’m thinking undoing what I had done in that guide. I have posted a picture below of booting the installer in verbose mode. Any ideas would be appreciated!