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  1. Does anyone know of any wireless-N wireless cards that work oob as airport extreme with snow leopard? I've searched all over but haven't come across anything... Preferably pci cards, but pci-e or USB adapter are ok too. Thanks
  2. brendankoch

    [How To]Atheros AR5212 based cards, now w/ Leopard

    Has anyone got their AR5212 wifi chip working with snow leopard? I am thinking about installing snow leopard but if my wireless won't work its kind of pointless. Also does anyone know how to make this kext 64 Bit because from what I have read if you use a 32 bit kext in snow leopard you can't boot with the 64 bit kernel. I don't know how complicated it is do something like this, just wondering...
  3. brendankoch

    Bluetooth pairing when dual-booting

    Come on. No one dual boots mac and windows with a bluetooth mouse?? Surely someone must have a solution for this.
  4. I am sure there must be a thread about this on here somewhere but I couldn't find one for the life of me... I have a Wireless Mighty Mouse and every time I reboot and switch OSes I have to re-pair it to be able to use it. On my brothers macbook pro he dual boots leopard and windows 7 and his mouse works with both oses without having to re-pair it. Is there a bootcamp driver that is responsible for this or is there a special way you need to configure it or what? Its a real pain to have to plug in a wired mouse everytime I switch oses just so I can go through the dialog boxes to pair my mouse... Any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. I gave this one a try... unfortunately it doesn't work either. I can't figure this out at all. What is different about the kexts posted in this thread vs. the old NVinject method or the taruga patcher method?
  6. I don't have an nvidia card to try it with... By system.log do you mean the one that you can access through console in utilities? because I looked at that and it didn't have anything in it that could possibly be of any use in diagnosing the problem - it just had a few lines about what I had done recently on my computer such as opened front row, used safari etc. I actually found an audio driver on insanelymac that is working for me without any need for alcinject.kext but it is a really old version (1.2.4a21) along with HDAenabler.kext. The crackly audio seems to be gone but I haven't tested it enough to be sure. I'm stumped as to why the drivers from this thread won't work for me when they work for everyone else and also why this driver I found works. I tried comparing the two files but I really don't know nearly enough about how these things work to make any sense of it. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge and understanding could take a look and see what could possibly be different in these .kexts that allows it to work? I will post them so someone could take a look if they have a chance. ALC889A___Mimi.zip
  7. 1. Download the gparted live cd, boot from it, and use it to set your vista partition as active. 2. Boot up from your vista install disc and repair your windows vista installation. 3. Boot up from gparted again and set your mac os x partition as active. You should now be greeted with the chameleon bootloader when you boot your computer and you can choose between mac os x or windows
  8. Hey! I have the exact same board as you and I can't get sound working either! Did you ever manage to get it working? I got sound working with a really old sound driver and alcinject that I found on this forum but the sound is all crackly. I've been trying to get sound working with the drivers in this thread but have had no luck. If anyone could help us out that would be awesome. I am running 10.5.7 as well and my hardware is listed in my signature. P.S. I tried the drivers that someone posted above for "Vital" to test and they do not work either. Using any of the drivers posted on the first page of this thread, system profiler shows the following "Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x1458A002 Audio ID: 885 Available Devices: " Nothing shows up in system preferences though.
  9. brendankoch

    Help installing themes on Chameleon 2.0

    Is no one on this forum using Iatkos v7? No one has any idea why the Chameleon bootloader is installed differently? On my Dell mini 9 running os x chameleon is installed normally... I even tried updating to RC2 and its still installed differently than normal.
  10. Hello everyone, I am having trouble figuring out which kexts I'm supposed to download and how I am supposed to install them... There are a lot of them on the first page and it isn't clear to me which ones are for what. I have the alc899a audio chipset and have been successful in getting audio working using some old AppleHDA.kext and alcinject.kext I found on an old post on this forum but it is all crackly. I tried using the HDAenabler.kext for 10.5.7 and one of the AppleHDA.kexts from the front page and my audio chipset shows up in system profiler but not in system preferences and I get no sound. Can anyone point me to some step by step directions or help me to figure out which kexts I need and how to configure them? My hardware is in my signature if that is helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. So I have been trying to change my Chameleon theme on my iatkos v7 installation and have been unsuccessful. Everywhere I have found says that you should have an "Extra" folder on the root of your drive that contains your "com.apple.boot.plist" file, your Extra extensions, and your themes for chameleon. On my installation however, my "Extra" folder only contains my extra extensions. There is a folder on the root of my drive named ".Chameleon" that contains another "Extra" folder containing more extra extensions and my themes - but no "com.apple.boot.plist". My installation is using the "com.apple.boot.plist" located in /Library/Preferences/System Configuration/. So I put the theme I want to use which is named "Boot_Camp" in the themes folder within ".Chameleon" and added: <key>Theme</key <string>Boot_Camp</string> to my com.apple.boot.plist but it has no effect on my theme. My installation is a default iatkos v7 installation so I haven't messed with anything so I don't understand why my Chameleon is installed differently than everyone elses... Any tips?
  12. Wow thank you very much. That was too easy. I now have a perfect Leopard & Windows 7 dual boot system using chameleon 2.0 and it works exactly like my brothers macbook pro! In regards to your question, Chameleon should be just fine for two separate hard drives. I don't know how to configure it but you should be able to find lots of information about it on google. I don't know myself or I would help you out.
  13. Okay after spending the past few hours searching around online, I think I know what I need to do but I don't know how to do it. It seems that the Windows 7 partition needs to be set to ACTIVE before the Windows 7 Installation disk will recognize the install and be able to repair the bootloader on it. So how do I set the windows 7 partition active? Can it be done using terminal on the OS X install DVD? Also, which of the windows 7 partitions needs to be active? The "System Reserved" partition or the other one?
  14. Hey everyone, So I just built a new hackintosh today and I am trying to dual boot Leopard and Windows 7 on separate partitions on 1 hard drive. I have installed both OSes but now I can only boot into Leopard and not Windows 7. Heres what I have done so far: 1st: I installed windows 7 build 7600 on my hard drive making one partition for windows and one for mac. The installer makes one 200MB partition reserved for the system and I formatted a 400GB partition for the OS. (So there are 2 partitions for windows 7 by default) 2nd: I installed iatkos v7 Leopard with chamelon v.2 on what is now the 3rd partition. 3rd: I rebooted and since the os x partition is active it boots into the chameleon bootloader and I have the option to boot either Mac OS X, the Windows 7 "System Reserved" Partition, or the Windows 7 "Windows NTFS" OS Partition. I can boot into Leopard just fine but I can't boot into windows 7. It says "BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" when I try to boot it from chameleon. I tried booting up the Windows 7 install DVD to repair the windows installation but it doesn't even recognize the windows installation now. Does anyone know what I need to do to be able to get both OSes to boot? I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  15. I was disappointed to find out that the new video backdrops in iChat and Photobooth require an Intel Core Duo or faster processor. I am sure there must be a way to patch in support for older computers like G5s and G4s You can't tell me that a Intel Mac Mini has more processing power than a Quad Core Powermac G5) unless the coding for the backdrops is for Intel only. Does anyone know of a workaround?