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  1. SATA + Nforce 4 = What are my options

    I finally figured it out, for the most part. The sata drive cannot point to the pata drive, but the boot.ini file on the IDE drive can point to the sata drive "rdisk(1)". This is weird, but I'm over it. Also if you install another OS on the drive of the Mac installation, it will kill the darwin bootloader (Chain0 will not work). If you do this, the only way I have found to make it work is to use grub/lilo to boot from that mac partition. Hopefully this will go to some good use since I have put my hdd through hell formatting and partitioning it many times
  2. SATA + Nforce 4 = What are my options

    Well, I'm going to throw this out here while I research, but I am having problems installing an extra operating system on the IDE drive (win xp x64). I am using the chain0 boot method with NTDLR. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP " the 0-0-0-1 is the same boot.ini file on the XP (sata only partition) drive and the XP64 (ide partition 2) drive. I'm pretty sure I fried the Mac bootloader(ide partition1) by installing the windows xp 64, but I SHOULD be able to modify my boot.ini on my SATA drive to point to the Win XP 64 parition (ide partition 2). I would think that by modifying one of those -multi-disk-rdisk-parition #'s, i should be able to boot xp64. I'm sure I'd be able to fix the mac osx darwin boot loader also since the xp 64 install overwrote it. Ugh, that was a long rant. Any ideas? NOTE: The SATA Raid setup is detected by the BIOS as SCSI. Even when i use scsi(0), doesn't work
  3. Geforce fx 5200 fix

    It's not like Apple can directly port PowerPC drivers to x86. It's just a matter of time until the appropriate drivers will be compiled. It's a beta for a reason :-) Smile a bit!
  4. SATA + Nforce 4 = What are my options

    You can definitely do that. I have Win XP on my SATA raid array, and MacOSX on my IDE drive. I am using the boot loader from Microsoft. See this guide: http://profit42.com/?p=2 Unfortunatey, the guy that made the site forces you to use firefox. I downloaded it just to view that site, then deleted it! :-D (Using IE7 Beta) But that works VERY FAST and it is painless. Good luck
  5. What network cards work?

    I ran "sudo make install", I got all my bibberish. Rebooted, no luck. But I am using a Linksys LNE100TX, this is supposed to be supported. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong! I tried the manual install also, no luck. Also tried the new version from sourceforge. Any ideas?
  6. SATA + Nforce 4 = What are my options

    I've got the same chipset. I'd recommend just using IDE. SATA doesn't seem to be loved at this point. Good luck
  7. What network cards work?

    Hi there. You need to install the developer tools. Go to your isntall dvd. Go to the sub dir > "XCode Tools". Excecute "XcodeTools.mpkg". Your problems will be solved!
  8. Works great ! It just disowns my 2 network cards. We'll see how that goes, thanks for the help all!p ps- I was using the 8F1111 SSE3.SSE3.emulation.No.NXDX.CPUID.Fix.ppf patch, w00t. Good job!
  9. Ah ha! Congrats, you've made me look like a n00b Which I am, but nevertheless, Thanks! Unforunately, I didn't know what version I was dealing with. Now moving forward with 8f1111. Now that I think about it, I was using 10.4.1 when I transferred the Kext's from Darwin to that image. Should've worked now that I know I was using the appropriate version. Eh, might as well move on with the new image, I'll post my results.
  10. Hi there, I'm working with Marklar-Tiger.iso MD5=E78FE52E30A1F8C5B29D4B7932A16C5E Maybe this isn't "8f1111", but I'm not familiar with that term When I try to apply the PPF Patch, i get "binblock/patchvalidation failed. continue?" Now, I'm all for saying,"weee!!!" and pray it works, but I thought i'd see what you think before I burn a coaster! Macgirl sent me over here, I attempted to copy Darwin Kext's to this disk and kernel sparks flew when I booted. (it paniced). So I thought I'd give this a shot. Background: "waiting for root device" is what i'm getting while booting. Obviously it isn't recoginizing me, i need teh drivers :-D AMD 64 3700+ SSE3 Nforce 4 Chipset ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard
  11. Haha, thanks. To say the least after trying, it didn't work. Kernel panics! I'll be reading up!
  12. After more testing, my onboard NVIDIA and my onboard Silicon SATA controllers both are not detected via the DVD installer. Perhaps investing in a cheaper "tested" ide controller may not be a bad idea, but i'm also testing some experimental ideas by transfering KEXT files from the Darwin install ISO to the MAC install ISO. Worth a shot.
  13. Yes, using Lite-On DVD Drive.
  14. I've been following these conversations. I too amd getting the "Still witing for root device" error. AMD 64 3700+ (SSE3) 1 GB DDR 400 RAM Trying 120 GB and 20 GB HDD ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard I have tried disabling USB, Firewire, NIC's, and it's still not working. I suppose my chipset may not be supported at this time, but the wiki shows others using it.