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  1. leopard in acer aspire one

    Does Audio input work? Sleep? You have a JMicro PCI to SD card driver? Which ISO did you use? I am especially interested in getting sleep to work. A working Mic input would also be cool.
  2. Surprising MBP ETA

    Reminds me of the joke: Q: What's the difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman? A: A car salesman knows when he's lying to you... -Phineas
  3. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    I am looking at the patch contents, and have read Maxxuss's notes. It appears that if you have SSE3, PAE, NX, then you only need to replace the mach_kernel with the Maxxuss' provided one. The replace.sh script will only replace files if you have an SSE2 CPU. In the past, some oah files had to be replaced, but it doesn't look like this is necessary if you have SSE3. Did I read this correctly? Phineas
  4. iTunes expired?

    Thanks, folks, for the info. Duh! I should have looked on Apple's site first, but didn't think they'd have the unibin iTunes there yet. Hopefully 10.4.3 8f1111a doesn't have a similar time bomb for some future date... Phineas
  5. iTunes expired?

    I'm running 10.4.3 8f1111a and had grabbed the universal iTunes from a pointer that was posted here a few months back. I just went to fire up iTunes today (Feb 4) and I get the message the "This copy of iTunes has expired". Anyone else see this? Does the shipping version of iTunes for the new Intel Macs work on 10.4.3? Phineas
  6. When will the OS X x86 be perfected?

    Folks seem to think that Microsoft writes hardware drivers. They do for some things, but the reason that so much hardware is supported under windows is that the *hardware vendors* write windows drivers. There's no way that a company even as large a Microsoft could possibly write windows drivers for everything, so why the heck do folks here seem to think that Apple can do it? Listen people - Apple will only write drivers for hardware it intends to use in their own systems. If you want Nvidia support, bug Nvidia. If you want to use a Via chipset, bug Via to write OSX86 drivers. I can tell you right now that they won't unless OSX86 is released standalone, and only then if it has considerable market share. Stop your whining and snivelling and just pony up the money for compatible hardware. -Phineas
  7. fastest, cheapest, most stable system??

    You should be able to put together something for $300. Memory, cases, hard disks, DVD's, etc are pretty standard and it doesn't really matter which one you buy. If you want pain free installation, I would recommend a motherboard that's close to the developer kits. The HCL list pointed to you by the previous post is a good start. I bought an ASRock 775Dual-915GL motherboard from newegg.com (which doesn't appear to sell this board anymore) for $61 and everything works well on it. I am using a SATA 80GB drive with no issues. I would also be sure you get an Intel 775 CPU (Celeron-D or P4) that ends in "1" or "6". I bought a Celeron-D 331 for $85 from a local computer store. The "1"/"5" CPU's have SSE-3, PAE, and XD, which will work the best with 10.4.3. There are patches to get around this if your CPU lacks XD or SSE-3, but your system may be more flakey as a result. You can find cheap ATX cases, but then your computer will look like a generic PC. I bought an Antec Aria for $100 from Fry's. It's a smaller form factor case that uses micro-ATX motherboards. It's a nice design. -Phineas
  8. [Help] Booting with XP & OSX

    Don't panic. All is not lost. I don't believe it matters the order in which you install your OSes as you can always change things around. First - squirrel away your /usr/standalone/i386/chain0 somewhere (like a flash key or somewhere on the network) as you'll need it after you get XP installed. If you are running 10.4.3, it might help to add a time delay in the darwin boot loader. Add the following lines to your /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist file before the </dict> line: <key>Quiet Boot</key> <string>No</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>7</string> After XP is up and running, copy the chain0 file to c:\ and add this line at the end of your c:\boot.ini file: c:\chain0="OSX86" or whatever you want to call it. Also increase the timeout value in the boot.ini file. When you reboot, you now have a choice. The default do nothing option will boot XP. If you select OSX86, you will then invoke the darwin boot loader. On my system with the original com.apple.Boot.plist file, the darwin loader wouldn't work right and handed you back to the windows boot loader. Adding the above time delay gives me the option of booting OSX or XP. I couldn't figure out how to configure the Darwin boot loader to select XP as the default so I had to use the XP bootloader with chain0 to accomplish this. Now to help your particular case of being stuck in XP and probably not grabbing chain0 before you installed. You can boot from the OSX86 install DVD again. When the installation is up such that the menus appear at the top, there's a menu that you can select which will choose which OS to boot. Select OSX86 and reboot. This basically marks whatever partition you select as active. There is probably a windows way of doing it (like fdisk?), but I can't offer any help there. Once in OSX86, follow my above directions and you should be set. You'll have to use the Startup Disk item in System Preferences to select XP. Hope this helps... Phineas
  9. When will the OS X x86 be perfected?

    I seriously doubt Apple will worry about getting the OS to function perfectly on ALL chipsets and graphics cards. Why should they? They will only get it working well on their own hardware. SATA works just fine for me with the Intel 915/ICH6 combo. Graphics work well with GMA900 and some ATI. If you want it to work well, stop hoping Apple will fix it for your platform, and just put together a platform that looks more like an Apple... -Phineas
  10. Move working 10.4.3 on PATA to SATA?

    I installed OSx86 (8f1099) first, which had the HFS+ partition active. I then installed XP, which made the NTFS partition active. I had copied chain0 off my OSx86 installation and put it on a flash key. I copied it off the flash key into the c:\ directory and added the c:\chain0.exe="OSx86" line to the boot.ini file. I got the OSx86 item in the NT boot loader menu, but when selecting it, it doesn't do anything. It goes away for a second, then comes back to the boot loader menu. Does chain0 work with 8f1099? I booted the OSx86 install DVD and ran disk utility to set the HFS+ partition active. The darwin boot loader will boot XP just fine. By default, it will boot OSx. Is there anyway to configure it to boot XP by default? Nothing is apparent in the com.Apple.boot.plist file. -Phineas [edit] ps. I am using a Seagate 80GB SATA drive with an ASRock 775dual915 motherboard and it works just fine. I would think any intel 915/ICH6 based motherboard should work with SATA.
  11. Move working 10.4.3 on PATA to SATA?

    I couldnt' get chain0 to work for me either. I have 10.4.3 8f1099 on the first partition and XP on the 2nd. I ended up using Darwin's boot loader to dual boot OSx86 or XP. I havent' figured out how to configure Darwin to load XP by default instead of OSx86. -Phineas
  12. Resize partitions Dynamically on Mac

    I was faced with the same problem. I wanted to cut the HFS+ partition in half so I could put XP on the other half. Since I only wanted to do it once, I didn't want to pay for SW like iPartition. I found that a linux utility called parted supposedly could resize HFS+ partitions. I downloaded Ubuntu's live CD, which has parted on it and gave it a shot. When run, it complained that there was something about the partition that it wasn't familiar with and cautioned that it might do bad things. I told it to go ahead. It did bad things. I ended up just blowing away the partitions and re-doing it from scratch with the 1099 install DVD. It didnt' take me long to re-install all the {censored} back on there and get it working again. So the short answer is, that there doesn't appear to be a free utility to do this. I"m not sure iPartition would work either. There might be something unique to the OSx86 HFS+ partition. -Phineas
  13. Steve wanted to go Intel 5 years ago

    Where IBM dropped the ball, another starup picked it up. This would have worked very well in a Mac laptop. I am disappointed that I'll never see it: http://www.pasemi.com/processors/index.html It's only a year too late. Given the team's experience at SiByte, I believe they will be able to pull it off. The entire motherboard would consume about the same power as an Intel mobile CPU. Phineas
  14. Burn troubles

    It worked for me as well. Be sure the MD5 checksums are correct. The patch does a binary edit of the ISO. If the ISO is not EXACTLY the same as what Maxxuss created the patch for, you will end up with a coaster. I used hdiutil to convert the .dmg file to .iso and checked MD5's of both. Then applied the patch and checked MD5's again. If everything matched, it should work. You can find the MD5's on Maxxuss' web site. I used the disk util app to burn the iso to the DVD-RW. -Phineas
  15. Going to attempt OSx86

    Jeff, My guess is that you have a 10.4.1 image, as I have the same named iso file and it's 10.4.1. I didn't end up using it and instead opted to obtain the 10.4.3 8f1099 image and apply Maxxuss patches. My system is rock solid. I think the key is to have all the right hardware, so if you planned on going shopping you are in a good position. I also found this howto very helpful: http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/ I obtained an ASRock 775Dual-915GL from newegg for $61. It doesn't appear they sell them now. Not sure why. There are likely other motherboards that will work as well, but the key is to use one with the Intel 915GL/ICH6 chipset. You won't get the screaming graphics of ATI, but you won't get as many headaches, either. I think 10.4.3 8f1111 supports some ATI cards now, but I opted to keep things simple. The next step was to pick the right CPU. You want a modern Celeron D or P4 that supports PAE and XD. All the CPU models that end in "1" or "6" will work for this. Being a cheapskate, I bought a CeleronD 331 for $85. I am using a cheap SATA 80GB drive. I put the whole thing in a nice Antec Aria case. It's quite a slick machine. My next task is to resize the HFS+ partition so I can dual boot XP on it (for my kids' games). You have to be sure and enable the XD mode in the BIOS as it's disabled by default. If you end up using 10.4.1, then you have more options and don't need a CPU that supports XD. Since you are doing a clean install with hardware of your choice, I would recommend you get 10.4.3 8f1099 or 8f1111, though. Also, if you end up installing from a patched 10.4.3 image, then you want to be sure to boot the mach_kernel.orig kernel. Maxxuss has the default kernel patched to support non XD and SSE3 hardware. See Maxxuss web site for info - it's straightforward and easy to do. I have a G5 iMac, which made patching the iso and burning to DVD a breeze. There's a lot of info here if you get in trouble, but it should be smooth sailing if you have the right hardware and follow the various instructions. Good luck! Phineas