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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    once you get the kext installed, how do you enable the 5.1 surround? I can only put the rear speakers or the front....
  2. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Well here is my story It was December and i found this Apple installation. I got it and burned it on a disc,since i worked with vista since BETA 2, i practically can find out any issue with almost anything. since it was my first time working on a mac EVER, i decided i should expand my knowledge and try new things and see if its something. since i was looking at tons of videos of leopard, i got really impressed by it and want part in the action. so after i burned it, restarted and booted, got in easily, BUT BUT the boot loader took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! to get into the setup and it was just SLOW SLOW SLOW all of the time * he has a slow system* ....nope AMD x2 4000+ 400 GB combined hard drives 2 GB ram 8800 GTS and its a clean system, soon to be A+ certified and stuf etc..... so anyways the installation was like no other i was laughing in the end. It took me 12 hours........12 hours amazing. the first time. I messed up and had to do it again *2 hours until it started* and i got it installed. messed up another time *after researching and learned from my mistakes without making ONE post. so i got to boot in using safe mode and got it all set up... and by the way, THIS TOOK NEARLY AND HOUR to get leopard finally booted(from the turning on, to the setup, to the dock) and i stopped and turned off the system, tried to get into Windows and couldnt (due to bios emulator HA ) *i was messing with the boot order and partitions* so i had to restore that and take a break. I found something to speed up the boot process, but realized i saw a folder of the system config and the file, so i was thinking that it was already done. now the question. IS there a solution to speeding up the overall system?? the booting into setup, the installation AND LEOPARD? Thanks Regards, Sarge