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  1. Hey Roneil4, Have you tried out the battery installer pack i posted a while back. I see that the guide hasn't been updated, so i imagine you haven't tested it out as of yet. Let me know if it works for you as it is for me. cheers,
  2. You were right roneil, it was misleading (the mute button). In my case it doesn't work as the rest of you. The battery icon however works beautifully
  3. w00t i got everything working except for the Broadcom Gigabit Network Controller. I also was able to get the power management (Laptop Battery) to display both Time and Percent. Roneil, i tried your version and as you mentioned it doesn't calculate the time properly. The package i have included in this post works perfectly, reboot after installation of package. My Dell Latitude D630 with BIOS version A12 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor - Working (with both cores and proper recognition by the os out of the box) 2 GB RAM - Working (read correctly in system profiler out of the box) Intel GMA X3100 Graphics Card - Working (full QE/CI) w/ Errandwolfe's sleep/wake trick 120 GB Hard Drive - Working at full speed with AHCI out of the box Dell Wireless 1390 Card (Broadcom 4311 Chipset based) - Working fully out of the box Broadcom NetXtreme 5755M Gigabit Ethernet - Not Working Sigmatel 9205 Sound Card - Working (Fully Working except for Mic (Mute button works) Using AppleHDA that was included in the Patcher at beginning of thread. When i used the patcher itself, My sound didn't work at all) ALPS Touchpad and Pointing Stick - Working (except for scrolling) Sleep - Working (using kexts from Tommy143) Battery Meter - Working Fully PowerManagement_bundle_powermanagement.pkg.zip
  4. Hi Roneil4, I can revert back with time machine, but in all cases i removed the previous kext before I installed the old ones. Would that still cause this issue?
  5. So my issues is an interesting one.... I have been fighting with these graphics kext for so long now and still haven't succesfully gotten a fully working QE/CI with GMAX3100 (Dell Latitude D630). Running Leopard 10.5.2, EFI v8 with 9.2.2 Vanilla Kernel (I also tried with 9.2.0 Sleep kernel and same results) Dell Bios v A10 and used Leo4all. Kalyway 10.5.2 had same results as FruitbatNT experienced where it wouldn't get past ACPI. 1) Tried Kalyway GMAX3100 package which gave me Resolution changes, no QE/CI. This package installed AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext, Natit.kext & AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext 2) Tried Roneil4's guide with GMAX3100 graphics (which doesn't include Natit.kext) and it won't boot into the internal display. I am able to get it on an external display (with QE/CI), but.... here is the weird thing.... My top bar looks a little weird. The Apple symbol in the left hand corner is white, and if I click anywhere on the top bar, i get a spinning Wheel, which later causes the computer to freeze, or everything starts tearing. Also the Dock is missing the Grey "stand" which all the icon's go ontop, it turns black and is transparent. 3) Tried errandwolfe kext with Roneil4's sleep App, and I am able to get the internal display to work now, but I will have the same issue with the top bar. In both 2 & 3 i checked the Graphics properties in Sys info, and it shows that QE/CI is supported, and hardware accelerated. I wanted to test to see if in fact QE/CI were working properly, and i figured it wouldn't. Tested out the RSS screen saver, and it looked really funky. Dock is the same as #2. Can someone help me with this issue? I don't understand what could be causing this. I as well tried the Leopard graphics update 1.0, which caused a grey/pink color bar effect (hence that is why i suppose people mentioned not to install that package). Any help would be greatly appreciated. For now i am going to revert back to Kalyway's GMAX3100 package until i can get QE/CI working properly.
  6. mka101

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    I will gladly be a tester when the kext is done Just PM me when you are ready. Thanks for the hard work!
  7. mka101

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    sweet! Can't wait for the kext Then finally my external burner & printer will work :-D Thanks for your hard work orbyte
  8. mka101

    Canadian's Are Hooped for Leopard!

    Well my friend, I am canadian and there are ways around {censored} like that (going through a proxy). The green daemon has blocked all canadian hosts names, so to get around that go to google and download Proxy Switcher. Note: There are websites as well that can do the same thing. This will allow you to make internet requests to demonoid through someone else in the world (different country). IE I got to it through turkey The program is very easy to use. You basically just double click on a country that is in a "working status" and visit the website. Voila You now have just learnt to bypass the green daemon's block on canadian host names.
  9. mka101

    Problems with Vista + chain0

    WIN + R Then type cmd. Type DiskPart and hit enter. then type select disk 0, hit enter afterwards. Type list partitions then type select partition (#) <--- where that number is assocated to your Mac OSX drive. HIt enter afterwards then type Active and hit enter. THis will make the partition you specified the active partition (meaning it will boot from there first). Type exit, exit to quit diskpart and command prompt. Reboot the computer and your done
  10. o.k man seriously, We all here can tell you to take apart your computer do this and that and nothing will get resolved. If we were there i am sure your computer would be fixed in a few minutes or so. The fact is we are not there, and you don't know how to fix the problem. This is more than just an easy fix (eg something command line) that will solve your problems. You obviously have issues with the computer itself/hardware. Get that fixed first then we might be able to help you out. I also suggest if you do get it fixed to have someone back up your data just in case.
  11. I upgraded as well. Works flawlessly as well. No problems at all :-D Now all i need is a resolution that works with my monitor Just bought a widescreen LCD that supports 1640*1050. But it's not in listed as a resolution. Otherwise everything is perfect. Thanks a bunch :-D
  12. My opinion would be to stop everything that you are doing, unplug your computer and take it to someone that knows what he/she is doing. If the data is still on the hard drive it can be recovered. At this point it seem's like you don't know what you are doing, and if you continue to try things you may end up loosing everything or even worse screwing up your whole computer. Just have a professional look at it so they can tell you what is wrong with it, and then have them back up your data.
  13. hmm not sure why it made two posts but anyhoo it worked. Everything running really fast etc.
  14. Hey all, I am sure i will find out very soon if this will break the installation with the new kernel, but i figured hey i might as well see if I can get an answer as this transfering of apps etc is going to take an hour. I am hoping that the transfer will not overide a kext or something important for this installation to work. Anyone have any input if this is safe to do? Thanks Edit: Using Migration Assistant under utilities folder
  15. Hey all, I am sure i will find out very soon if this will break the installation with the new kernel, but i figured hey i might as well see if I can get an answer as this transfering of apps etc is going to take an hour. I am hoping that the transfer will not overide a kext or something important for this installation to work. Anyone have any input if this is safe to do? Thanks