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  1. hi everybody, just wanted to say that macgirl solutions for the nvcap values was good : theses values dodn't worked for me with the nvinjectgo version, but worked with the nvinject.kext !!!! so be careful to include it in the plist file of nvinject and not nvinjectgo ! thanks to macgirl this finally works^^ hoping now for a solution about the incompatibility between netkas kernel and sleep, because sleep is the last thing i really want to get to function in my lappy. Something i wanted to ask though : about the sensitive buttons for the volume, mute doesn't work and up and down are way to sensitive (moving neraly top to bottom in one touch) is there an explanation, is it the same for everybody ?
  2. about the black screen after sleep, that's the same for me, using netkas kernel, and can't get out of sleep. So do you think speedstep is incompatible, or is it fixable ? because i would like to keep speedstep, considering that leopard is already using nearly twice as much battery as in my modified windows XP ( nearly 2h with leopard, and 4 with windows xp light version, modifief to get only the strict minimum running)
  3. hi, so thanks to your advice macgirln i did get my lappy to boot again, but still, i installed the appelusbehci installer from superhai, deleted the pcgenusbehci, but can't awake from sleep, it does trun right into sleep, it even does wake up from sleep good internally, but the screen stays black (i mean the hard disk wakes, up, blue buttons turns up quickly to indicate it goes off sleep, but the display stays black so can't do anything...) any idea about that ? maybe a problem with my card drivers ? Which leads me to my second problem : i can't get your nvcap values to work for the vga external display, even though i tried tu put them either i ntext or in number with pro list editor, i can't get anything to work (i have nvinjectgo, deleted nvinject from scottdangel 0.33 installer) could i have missed a step, or did i start from a wicked install and should i try again from a clean install to be sure only nvinjectgo is running ? sorry to bother, but i really would like sleep to wrk and i'm surprised it does not ... and for the vga it is quite surprising too so i would like to understand...
  4. ouch, bad news : i installed pcgenusbehci, removed appleusbehci in plugins sections of iousbfamily, made a chown/chmod on iousbfamily.kext, repair premissions, reboot, and my laptop stop on the white charging page of mac OS, he stays here and do go further, i got the little circle running but nothing happens. So how do i change that, because i'm note the best with commands i got to do from the darwin bootloader, and why did it happen ?
  5. i just wanted to thank you macgirl and superhai because that's a great breakthourgh, 2 new functionallity added and a laptop closer and closer each day to a real macbook, functionnalitty and everything added ^^ so thanks again for all your effort.
  6. Sorry to bother, but i have a real problem here : i want to use my vga port for a conference with a slideshow, and i can't succeed to make it work, although i tried to instal the derivers (nvinject or nvinject go, with final 0.33 kext) and even tried to change nvcap values, but can't figure out why is this non-working. Each time i plug the external display i have at home, and i ask to detect display, my internal screen just goes black and my external don't turn up either. So i was wondering if any of you had succedded to make it work on the dell xps m1330 with 8400m GS card, and if yes with which nvcap value or other drivers ? thanks in advance and sorry to bother again, but this is a big problem if i can't come to make it work before tuesday.
  7. hi everybody, i've searched around the forum but didn't find any answer so here i go : I have a conference in some days, and i wanted to check if the external display would work for a slideshow using the vga plug. But when i tried with a classic computer display, it dodn't work, the screen turn off on the laptop but don't turn on for the computer display. I'm using the 0.33 installer with 10.5.2 Any info about that ? has anyone succeeded to make it work on the vga, and with which driver ? thanks in advance for the answer.
  8. hi, i got a xps m1330 too, but i copied another applePS2controller.kext when i did the 10.5.2 upgrade, and your alps glidepad driver didn't work (no mouse after the first or the second reboot...) that's why i was wondering if it was possible for you tou upload your applePS2 controler in order to see if it works better ? but great work thought, i was wondering if it was possible thoses days and you came with a solution just in time ^^ thanks a lot for you work then !
  9. Hi everybody, I've finally suceeded to install everything possible i had on my dell xps m1330, so i wanted to share my detailed experience as a newbie in osx world, hoping it could help some o you. so i'll try to describe it chronologically : ->First about the install, you have every needed guide, but to sum up you have to use iatkos 1.0ir2 dvd, and only enable darwin efi option in "customize". then about your partitions, you have to put it up good maybe the best is with gparted live cd, but you also have enough tutorial for this.But after the setup is complete, you have too (at least that was my case) use gparted livecd to uncheck the boot flag, then to close the windows, then to come back in and check the boot flag, so that your partition will boot. otherwise it probably won't. Now the customization of the laptop : ->the 10.5.2 update first thing to fo in my opinion : use help that you can find here(french) or here. only thing VERY important is to think of replacing the needed kext (see help topic) BEFORE reboot, otherwise you will find yourself without keyboard and trackpad, and that might be a problem if you don't have anything to connect near. ->then batterymetter + speedstep : i personally followed this link, used it with another kernel (9.2.0) from netkas website, with the smbios from the same netkas post, and the power management from jaro.... (i know, lot of different source)But, in order to make this work, you need to check as macgirl said a lot of times the version of appeACPIplatform and appleACPIpowermanagement, my appeACPIplatformwas a different one from the vanilla one, and i had to change the version to make it correspond (ask if you want the code to check and change the version, or the procedure ton install acpipowermanagement.kext in acpiplatform.kext) then everything goes well and you have both batterymetter and speedstep working with the last kernel (9.2.0). ->Sound : of course you take the package in the first post of this topic (stac9228) but you also need here to delete appeazilla.kext before, macgirl indicated it in a post, but i think it should be more explicited, because i couldn't get sound before, and after i removed it, everything worked prefectly by patching with kexthelper and repairing extensions as usual. ->graphics: for nvidia card, i installed scottdangel v.33, no problem reported. ->wifi : need to purchase a new card, i personally use a dell 1490 (b/g) connected in the wwlan port (the C part on the back of your laptop), and used 2 of the 3 cables free to connect it, recognized as a airport without anything else. But about these connectors, the N card that i leaved where it was should be connected with 3 connectors and not 2 to functionne as a N-wifi card, that's weird, apprently dell gave us a card that is not working at full potential on this laptop.... a waiy to try is to connect the N-card in the wwlan slot to connect all the 3 cables in it (the 2 usual + the grey one) and see if it makes a difference....well it is not the problem here. ->My only left problems are the sound drivers that are not working perfectly since when i plug a headphone in the slot, it goes through headphone but don't stop working through speakers.... maybe we need to wait another driver's revision, anyone has informations on that ? then my second problem is the sleep function : i don't know if it work, probably not, but i do know that after a while, when the display as turned black and i probably the hdd is sleeping to (or should...) then i can't wake him up again, and i had the same problem in windows with the "long sleep" mode... so it does look like it work, even though i know it's not, do you have answers about that ? and why can't i wake him up too ? okay i've finished my long long long post, sorry for that but since it was very difficult for me as a newbie in macosx world (and mostly in terminal command) to install it properly (needed at least 3 full days on it to complete everything) i hope it will help future hackintosh switchers ^^ if you have questions about how to do any actions i reported, i'll try to answer it, cause i had to search for a lot of time to find each answers i neeeded. finally excuse me for all the mistakes in my english i have probably done, i'm a french 19 student.... And finally finally thanks macgirl and everybody that has tried to help us all to install macos on our laptop, because it is probably not easy to answer each time the same questions again and again when it seems so easy for you ...thanks for that ^^
  10. hi all, i got my m1330 2 weeks ago, and i've tried to install OSx86 for 2 days. I've finally installed it correctly, but i have several questions now, wich i didn't find clear answers for in the forum : -> first i didn't installed the update about 10.5.2, is it necessary to di it first before all the others modifications on kext ? ->i think i've suceeded to install nvidia drivers without any problem with the first installer posted by macgirl on first page, but how do i check my card is well recognised ? is it written somewhere in system preferences or anything (i'm a new mac user, don't know a lot of things yet) ->about the audio, i've tried everything, but i can't get it to work : i downloaded the stac9228 pack posted in the first page, copied each files (hda and alcinject) manually in the right folder then did the terminal commands to repair the extensions (i think so) and reboot, but no sound (not even on headphones), so i tried using kexthelper, reboot after each one of the two files, but no sound either, not even on headphones. What did i do wrong ? -> finally i tried installing the speedstep package posted on the first page along, wich contained clear instructions and all i needed apparently to use a sort of "powersaver" and a batterymetter, but after having followed all the instructions, i finally got apparently the speestep working because i have the indications of the cpu frequency running on the top bar, but nothing about the batttery metter, i read PyrO posts for instructions, but i don't exactly get what to dou : does it mean i have to install another bundle, and about the acpi platform if i use vanilla kernel, well how do i know i use vanilla kernel , (i suppose i'm not because i've installed the mach_kernel from the speestep package ?) then what do i need to do again ? Sorry for all the questions, i've tried to do it all by myself, learned a lot in 2 days, but i still can't figure out some stuff. EDIT :oh and yes, about the reboot step : as the dell don't shut down properly, i turn it down myself from the button, but l've asked myself if it couldn't disturb the installation processus ? i really don't know because the shut down seems to work until the last step where it goes black screen and stop there without turning the power off, but still woth ask for it ... and about the sleep, my computer doesn't really turn to sleep, but it goes balck screen anyway, and then i can't get it to wake up again, is it normal ? i already got the problem on XP, when the computer goes in "full sleep", can't get a way to wake him up ...
  11. Dell XPS M1330 Hardware

    thx a lot kuntz ! i was hopping maybe there would be another card (not a dell one, because you can find it only on ebay or dell site, and the shipping price is quite expensive) but if i can't find it, maybe that's the solution ^^
  12. Dell XPS M1330 Hardware

    Hi everyone ! first of all, i'm french so maybe i won't be much clear speaking about specific terms, i apologize in advance for that ^^ So i am going to get a dell xps 1330 and as you can guess, i'm very interested in getting mac os X on it (to be honnest, i've waited for the macworld to come, hoping that they would release the laptop of my dream but it wasn't the case... fu**n' macbook air !) But as i was once again too quick, i didn't watch your very interesting post on the installation of Mac OS on this laptop BEFORE ordering my xps, that's why i discovered the wifi wouldn't work with the intel wifi card in it, and it's for me a necessity to have internet with Mac OS, otherwise it's just not worthing. My question is pretty simple : -first is it worthing to wait for a possible drivers updates that would provide throught a patch something for this intel wifi-n card ? (i suppose it is not possible to answer this question, but as i'm not very informed (even though i've tried to get up to date on this mac osx86 project the last 2 days ^^) i hope you understand i may ask stupids questions ...) -and in case i have to buy a new wifi card, as it's too late to command it on the dell site with my laptop, and as it's seem quite expensive in france to buy the wifi card of dell (the one which works without any other drivers to put), can i buy another wifi card from another constructor as broadcom, and in this case, which card would be running well on the xps m1330 ? Thanks in advance for your answers, et many thanks to all the people here who have helped everybody throught those 11 pages to install mac OS on this laptop (special thanks to macgirl, who has always tried to help lost people around here, and as a futur lost guy who is going to spend some days trying to get OS X to work well, i'm pretty sure i can imagine how annoying i'm going to be ^^) @+