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  1. I followed the hardware list as close as I could. I have the EP45-UD3P, 9800 GTX+, TrendNet PCITXR, but an E8400 with 4GB of GSkill 1200 MHz. So far I've gotten everything to work but the the QE/CI. I am a noob at this and I don't really understand what the Lifehacker package did to the usb drive. Did it put in a custom DSDT not allowing me to add EFI strings? Because I've tried UInstaller and OSX86 Tools to try and add the 9800 GTX+ strings and enabling QE/CI. I haven't made the install drive bootable yet (booting off the usb) should I install Chameleon via terminal instead for the EFI stuff? Any help or kick & shove towards the right direction is much appreciated.
  2. I've installed iPC 10.5.6 just like you guys and then followed the instructions from the same article. http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/update-...osh-osx86-1058/ While installing the 10.5.8 update, it said it installed from a corrupt source. So I downloaded it again, rebooted and was greeted with a grey loading screen that never did anything. Is there a way of getting myself out of this hole or should I reinstall 10.5.6 once again?