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    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Hi BigBeluga, Could you please make it a bit more clear how did you edit DSDT to represent graphics adapter to OSX as a 9400m and what special is in smbios.plist. I'm asking you about it as I'm gonna use your method to make my Aspire REVO 3610 work as good as your Lenovo Best Regards, Dmitry
  2. Hi, there, Thank you guys (Donk especially) for your great work! I have a question. Is there a way to run Leo under ESX 3.5 server? Thank you in advance, Dmitry
  3. Hi, I've got a very strange problem after the last updates I made to the system: AirPort Extreme 2008-004 (1.0) iPhoto (7.1.5) Safari (3.2) After a period of time the screen of a full-screen WinXP guest in VmWare Fusion becomes broken (small colour blocks in the whole screen). If I switch to the windowed mode, everithing get fixed, but swithching back to full screen returns to the same problem. Switching several times between full screen and windowed mode, makes system unusable. Keyboard doesn't work, though mouse pointer can be moved, monitor displays only colour blocks everywhere around. The only thing I can do is login via ssh and reboot. Before this update, everything worked fine. Does anybody have any idea of what it is and how to get rid of it? Best Regards, Dmitry
  4. All is OK now. I've got it ready this way: 10.5.2 --Kalyway+modbin kernel --> 10.5.3 -- Apple update utility --> 10.5.4 Best Regards, Dmitry
  5. Thanks, Coolied, you are right, I definitely tried to upgrade from 10.5.2 directly to 10.5.4. I'll now try to do this step by step. Best Regards, Dmitry
  6. Hi, Stravaganza, Thank you, it helped . Now, when all of this is in the past, could you, please, explain what you think was happened? Best Regards, Dmitry
  7. Hi, I have Leo4all v2 system running Intel core 2 duo 2.66 GHz with 8GB memory on Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mb with ATI 2400HD vga and sata 140GB HDD. I installed all needed kexts and latest Netkas smbios and all worked fine for me until I decided to make a 10.5.4 update. I read in forums, that it is OK to install it directly via Apple update utility. However, during installation process I've got a problem. System hung during installation having 21% done. After waiting more then 2 hours, I decided to try to reset my computer. After that, system doesn't boot. It goes thru dosen of kext loads and then turn off monitor and silenly reboots. I booted from leo4all dvd to check disk consistency. All seems to be OK. At least my personal files are readable. I know, I can save my personal data, install new system and restore my data in it. However, this is a very long way, cause I have a lot of soft installed in my system. Is there a way to just make my system bootable? It would save a lot of my time . Any help would be very much appreciated, Dmitry