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    Software Update Switcher 10.8-10.14 SWUSwitcher.app

    Hi cvad - what has changed since 1.0.2? Are you doing anything substantially different than the beta utility? I know you have a nice UI around it all, but I'm wondering why one would be more effective than the other. Thanks in advance. Edit: I meant 1.0.3 since I'm interested in Mojave.
  2. Hey Foxlet - long time no hear. Thanks for the script. works great. It was mentioned on the "unsupported' forums. Question: are you still playing with Mojave betas on unsupported macs? And do you have system update (from preferences) working consistently?
  3. If you didn't remove your old driver before upgrading to a beta, tweaking the kext will just let you activate it in preferences. Otherwise trying to install a new one like WebDriver-367.15.10.05f01 will stall on the system compatibility check. I changed my plist for b01 to support the beta, but recently reverted back to the stock Sierra driver since there were way too many artifacts. Think I'll wait till NVIDIA updates their drivers. Nothing really stable yet, unfortunately.