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  1. 10.10.3 Broke my ALC269

    Well I can finally see the device in the output panel, with internal speakers highlighted but no sound whatsoever.
  2. 10.10.3 Broke my ALC269

    Actually the only files that were new reflects on AudioAUUC.kext, which I deleted. The other new kext is IOPCIFamily.kext which maybe the culprit? New Kexts are as follows. AudioAUUC IONDRVSupport IOGraphicsFamily IONDRVSupport AppleBacklightExpert System
  3. 10.10.3 Broke my ALC269

    Yep! I thought with my own Patched Applehda kext and dsdt there would be no worries. Oh well.
  4. 10.10.3 Broke my ALC269

    Anyone else ran into this? I tried to revert to older kext but no success. 10.10.3 Installed a new AudioAUUC.kext so I replaced that first but still no joy. Asus k53e. Everything else is fine though.
  5. AWESOME!!!! Yep! Worked perfectly!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  6. Didn't work. Deleted AppleHpet.kext as well repaired permissions. Still no USB. Very Odd!
  7. Yes!!!! That's exactly what I was looking for!!! I just restored to 10.6.4, gonna give it another shot! Thank You!!!
  8. I was trying that exactly but I couldn't find the commands to do so while using installer, then terminal.
  9. Yep same problem here. I booted using -s hoping I could remove AppleHpet.kext, cuz I think thats the real problem, but the iousbfam***.kext fails to load and I can't even type anything from there. ARGHHHHH!!!!
  10. I guess I would have to do that via the install disk, then terminal?
  11. I lost all USB, Using apple keyboard and mouse, never had ps2 working, so now I'm stuck at login screen with no way to login. Tried safe boot and -f. No luck....any suggestions?
  12. I just saw there was an update and was wondering if there was any problems. I installed via iatkos S3 v2 with qoops kernel and updated to 10.6.4 with no problems. Running Time Machine now, just encase.
  13. I have tried every version out there. Successfully on another pc I have Iatkos running perfectly. But I have new hardware and I feel like a noob. I have the newest version of Ideneb v1.3 10.5.5. Booted the install screen, but wouldn't show any partitions/drives to pick to install to. Is this a SATA driver issue? I have a MSI 945GC, w/P4 3gig 1m cache. Western Digital 250 gig SATA drive Nvidia 8600 GTS 2 gigs of DDR2 TIA No other version TOH, Kalyway, Iatkos, is working at all. What could I be missing here?
  14. Ok, so after trying alot of different configurations, I got the MBR option to work with everything working Lan, sound, usb, etc. Problem is, I have my windows partion on that same drive. I can boot in to LEO only if I put the install disk in, ok...but now how do I get a dual boot option so I can boot either windows or OSX. I guess the problem was I didn't really understand the the guid and mbr (still don't really as far as how that works with the diskutility) Any how is there a fix, or how can I revert to the windows pation and reinstall the leo later?! Great release by the way....love messing with this