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  1. 8500GT With 10.5.3

    I'll try this when I get home my problem was I couldn't quite figure out how to generate the correct hex code.
  2. 8500GT With 10.5.3

    Hello, I've already read the entire thread about QE not working on a 8800GT after installing the 10.5.3 update but my problem is it has stopped working however I can't use the EFI string method to get it working because there are no native drivers for the 8500GT. My card worked perfectly with the nvidia injectors on 10.5.2 but I just can't get it to work with 10.5.3. Any suggestions. Anyone know when the nvidia injectors are going to be updated?
  3. Desktop GMA950 now works after graphics update!

    Umm..that's what this forum posting is all about. That new update. Thats the update that is giving us resolution issues.
  4. Desktop GMA950 now works after graphics update!

    I'm also having issues with getting it to display 1680×1050 resolution. Please someone help!
  5. Installed Mac OS X Leopard (Kalyway) Perfect.

    Almost everything worked perfectly fine out of the box. Some things to know though is you need a patch for the audio and the network but it is incredibly easy to patch. Some information on installing on this hardware can be found here: http://wildwobby.com/hardware/build-a-mac-for-350/ Besides patching audio and network it works pretty much perfectly. The only other thing that doesn't work is sleep, but you get over that quickly because you are so amazed by how well everything else works.
  6. Installed Mac OS X Leopard (Kalyway) Perfect.

    Yea, my guess is it had to do with the IDE LG drive if kaneda says it works with a USB drive then I am even more certain that it is the IDE controller not functioning properly with the Kalyway install. Why don't you buy or borrow (if you know someone that can lend you a SATA drive) a cheap SATA drive and see if that works, or take kaneda's advice and use a USB drive to install. You can get the same drive that I got from Newegg.com for $30 it is a SATA DVD Burner, and it seemed to work perfectly.
  7. Installed Mac OS X Leopard (Kalyway) Perfect.

    Hmm...if you want to make a video that would be good. Have you tried typing -v a the boot prompt? If so what does it do? Anyone else want to chime it? Anyone else have a similar experience?
  8. Installed Mac OS X Leopard (Kalyway) Perfect.

    Also I noticed on the OSX86 wiki that for your motherboard it says. "SATA and IDE working (you have to set SATA to IDE mode in BIOS)" so you might want to look through your bios and make sure that his is setup correctly. You can read more about your motherboard: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.1#ASUS
  9. Installed Mac OS X Leopard (Kalyway) Perfect.

    @iLinyC when you are booting from the Kalyway install what happens if you hit F8 when it starts to boot from the disc and at the boot: prompt type in -v. Try this and tell me what happens.
  10. I've tried installing Mac OS X Tiger before, on some older hardware. I used the JAS DVD back then, but it just didn't work all that well but that is probably due to the fact that the hardware I was running it on was a AMD Athlon 64 which only supported SSE2 instructions. Well anyway, a couple of days ago I started to read into how the OSX86 community was going and I read on Lifehacker.com that the OSX86 community was able to get Leopard running on X86 hardware with a vanilla kernel. I was wicked excited to hear this so I rushed out and bought some parts for my first Hackintosh build. Here are the specs. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Samsung SH-S203B DVD burner 2GB of DDR2 667 Memory (I used G.Skill) Shuttle SD30G2 barebones 250GB SeaGate SATA2 Hard drive and to finish it off I got a Apple keyboard, and a Apple Mighty Mouse. The system is awesome its really fast (faster than my MacBook) I plan on overclocking it in the future as this processor is awesome for overclocking. I also plan on buying a PCIE graphics card (I'm using the built in GMA950 right now) I would just like to thank everyone in the community that helped make this so easy. It was literally no harder to do than if I am installing it on a real mac.
  11. Titan supports Quartz Extreme...Breifly

    I've tried Natit but I can't seem to get it working, I've tried version .01 and .02 and the installer any suggestions how to get it working with my video card?
  12. Titan supports Quartz Extreme...Breifly

    Hmm...bump? Anyone??
  13. My specs are as follows: Athlon 3500+ SSE2 only BFG 6800 GT OC I've installed with the tubgirl install and I check the box in the install for NV40 support which installs the Titan kext it boots up and Quartz Extreme works it says it is supported in System Profiler however I reboot and it doesn't work I've installed several times and I can't figure out why it works on first boot but never again. Any sugestions? Thanks -Tristan
  14. Hello, Ok so I have trying to install OSX86 10.4.8 the tubgirl install and it used to work perfectly. Now what happens is I install it and everything goes smoothly but when it reboots after the install it does not boot it does not even go into the bootloader as if the drive is not even there. However if I have a cd in and I just let it try to boot from the cd but do not initiate the boot to cd by hitting enter it comes up with the error com.apple.Boot.com is missing error. PLEASE HELP ME! Any help would be much appreciated. Also just a thought. Could this have something to do with my boot record, I notice that when you install OSX it doesn't use MBR it uses something called GTB. Just a thought though.
  15. com.apple.Boot.plist

    I also have this same problem I have installed many times before worked perfect but now it is giving me this error someone please help us! Thanks, Tristan