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  1. I was hoping this would fix my Kernel cache issues but sadly I got the same error...... Also, 10.8.3 did not fix the fact that I can only boot my system with -f or -v flags.
  2. I've tried the smbios hack: Doesn't work. I also tried the kext. Seems to work but this kills my shutdown functionality. Weird!
  3. Do you mean you cannot see your drive icons on your desktop? That's a Snow Leopard thing you can reenable that in your Finder Preferences. I'm trying to install 10.6 btw but getting a "The installer could not validate the contents of 'Essentials' package." after about 40% of the install. My guess is that this means the checksum of this file is messed up but this is from a retail disk. Am I one of the lucky ones with a bad retail disk? Besides this problem Boot Think is my favorite bootloader so far. I'm interested in this as well.
  4. Ehm......i think they are actually the first one having access to the Core i7 based Xeons as far as i know.
  5. Acidfever

    10.5.6 Released!

    Running Vanilla, beta Chameleon with DSDT, patch for audio only and systems hangs during update process. Reboot off course resulted in a dead system. Havent; found a solution yet.
  6. Wish i could get this far, my install crashes during 10.5.6 installation even with original AppleACPIplatform.kext from 10.5.5 in place. I use the new bootloader stuff but stil the install dies. It does manage to copy the seatbelt.kext by the way because after a repair install i cannot mount dmg files untill i restore it to the 10.5.5 version.