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    [GUIDE] HP Z800 Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    Yup, works great for me on z600 with a Quadro 4000. Anyone else following this thread working with a Quadro 4000, this is the second one I've had in a hackintosh and they always seems to underperform their native windows benchmarks or the comparable mac version of the card.
  2. Drkovorkian

    Quadro 5000 working 10.6.8

    Hey, didn't find much on my searches, so i thought i put this up here for anyones reference. On my system i have a working PNY QUADRO 5000, got it working with the nvidia drivers for the quadro 4000 mac version from their website. Also using GraphicsEnabler = yes Wicked Bad!
  3. Drkovorkian

    Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Good shout man, definitely a good possibility, Can't seem to find much from the newer generation of geforce stuff
  4. Drkovorkian

    Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Yeah thats the one i was talking about and in my experience i needed an EFI string, but it definitely works pretty well. Unfortunatley they don't seem to be available in the UK anymore, i assume that they havnt been in production for a while. Any recommendations for a newer, passively cooled card?
  5. Drkovorkian

    Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Do you mean this bad boy http://www.pc-titan.com/product_info.php?c...-HDMI--GV-.html ??? I'm desperately looking for one of them too, no one has them available to the UK any more (accept the guys above, but they are well dodgy) Alas i think the 9800 has run its course. Anyone got any passively cooled and super compatible recommendations? nice1
  6. Drkovorkian

    Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    So i re-flashed the ROM on my graphics card (a surprisingly painless process), however still no QE! . OS X now thinks my graphics card is 7900 GTX instead of a 7950 GT, i had to change the device ids accordingly in NVinject, back to full res but still without acceleration, any ideas ???
  7. Drkovorkian

    Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    Hey, don't know if anyone is still following this thread? I also have this card, and apparently the guy who started this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;mode=linear has got it to work. The thread was a little vague so i messaged galilenar: Hey, I understand from a forum post that you managed to get this card working fully on 10.6 I have a xfx geforce 7950gt could you tell me please what method you used to get your card working thanks! alex Hi! Yeah it works on 10.6. But only in "arch=i386 -x32" mode. It works with Natit64-32 kext for me. You can get it here http://narod.ru/disk/18584383000/Natit.kext.zip.html I have patched ROM of my videocard by this instruction http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&u...520ROM.doc.html So there is the kext he used and english instructions on how to reflash your cards ROM. I also got him to send me some more details, just in case! I have: Asus P5B - Deluxe Wi-Fi App 1 Gb RAM Gygabyte NVidia Geforce 7950 GT 512 Mb 500 Gb Hard Disk (to Hackintosh I use 250 Mb MBR-partition) I use boot132 method with CD-Disc. I have Extra folder on this CD-Disc (There are some other kexts for PS/2 keyboard, OpenHaltReastart, fakesmc and other). For video - I use Natit on hard disc. For audio - VoodooHDA on Hard Disc and for network - Yukon2 on Hard disc. I had patched my video because it didn't work properly on 10.5.8 Leopard (I had seen only 128 Mb) - so Quartc Extreme didnt work. After I have patched it - it works fine on 10.5.8. So after I have reinstalled my OS from 10.5.8 to 10.6 Snow Leopard I have already patched videocard. But I dont know: maybe this video works fine on 10.6 without patching. So I have worked patched video card on 10.6, so I didn't re-patch it to original bios. Maybe it works without patching on Snow Leopard 10.6. On CD Disc i Have Hameleon bootloader. I have heard that there are some problems with hameleon on hard disc - so I dont wanna to use it on my hard disc. Because I dont have some time to install hameleon on my hard disc and to solve some problems. Maybe I will do it on future. I install 10.6 SL retail with HAMELEON CD Disc. I had modify OSinstall.pkg to install it on MBR partition. I have not tried re flashing the ROM yet, as i was a little dubious, but i think i'm going to give it a go now, as so far i am having no luck with this card.
  8. Hey has anyone actually got a 7950gt working at full res on 10.6?? if so HOW fankx!
  9. Hi! I really hope someone can help me out with this, i've been at it all day :0) 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller [8086:2668] (rev 04) So thats the hardware details I've been searing and people seem to able to use the AzaliaAudio kext with no trouble. Unfortunatley when i install the kext i get a vollume control in the menu bar and the device comes up in the output section in system preferences, but no sound, and nothing in system profiler.. Any ideas? cheers Drk
  10. Drkovorkian

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Hello! I have a dell dimension 3100, with an intergrated intel pro/100 ve network card, I've successfull installed iDenab 1.5. But the system does not recognize my ethernet card at all, does not show up in th networking preferance pane. I've tried various things with kexts, including downloading the intel8255 one, and trying to use the IOnetworkfamily thing. Anyone got any advice for me cheers