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  1. CRAZY problem.... can any one solve it?

    I had the same problem, but when I manually changed the boot order to boot from my CD/DVD drive it worked like a charm.
  2. Whats the best laptop?

    Just buy a real Mac. It's worth it
  3. No SATA disk found during the installation

    I also have Phoenix BIOS on my hp, and I've spent hours trying to alter/change/find settings for my SATA disk. No such luck. Everyone that I have spoken with has told me that you cannot do those things with Phoenix BIOS. I'm pretty disappointed
  4. HDD not detected by Leopard

    I had the same restarting problem during my installation. What I did is changed the boot order (press esc right at powerup on my comp) and had it boot from my "ATAPI CD/DVD" drive (it may say something different for you). I then pressed f8 at the initial/countdown screen and entered the -v command. In my case, I had to set it to boot from my DVD drive manually each time. Hopefully this works for you!
  5. Disk Utility stops responding!

    Same problem here, chaps. Is there a Tiger distribution that is AMD and SATA supported? HP Pavilion dv2310us AMD Turion 64 X2 SATA
  6. 10.5 AMD best installation

    I'm using the Zephyroth distribution, but I'm running into problems with formatting my SATA drive...
  7. HFS+, Sata Hard Drive

    and again.
  8. I also need help with this. I can't change my SATA settings in the BIOS either, becase the Advanced menu is not available in my BIOS. Any solutions?
  9. You could try downloading SMAC. It should allow you to "spoof" your MAC address.
  10. HFS+, Sata Hard Drive

    bump again.
  11. I have successfully gotten into the OSX installer, but when I try to format my FAT32 partition to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), I get a timeout error every time. I formatted the partition to HFS+ using Parted Magic, but the OSX installer only recognizes it as FAT32. I have an HP Pavilion dv2310us Turion64 X2 Please be a pal and help a brother out. Word.
  12. no hdd or DVD-RW when installing

    I have this exact same problem, and no one was willing to help me either. I would also appreciate any help. My computer is: HP dv2310us Turion64 X2